Apex Legends Winter Event Revives Brilliant Trains

A few months ago, Apex Legends brutally robbed the train. This was the best part of the World Edge Map, leaving only the boring stationary ground to fight. Man, the train was amazing. Oh, I loved rushing to the speedy Deathtube and going through the six caustics gas to find loot. But as Respawn has revived it for Apex’s winter event, Holo-Day Bash, it’s a topic that we can all feel again this holiday season.

Come one, come all and get on the Winter Express! It’s definitely my favorite holiday game mode in my usual haunt. This is also the best Apex event as my boy Mirage tells everything and the music is great. Just listen to the absolute dangers of the trailer.

Like last year, Apex’s Christmas-themed limited-time mode takes me on my favorite train and tricks it. Of course, I’ve already played it a lot, and it’s a fab. Challenge 3 teams 3 teams to capture the train 3 times (or kill the enemy squad). However, there is no chance to go down or revive your friends in the middle of the round. If you are dead, you are dead and you have to wait until the next round. This will increase your stake a little. And it’s a tense and quick round, not a drawn battle royale match.

The train shuffles to a new location every round. If you want to tweak your strat, you can swap the legends you’re playing. Winter Express also has no loot. Each character has a specific loadout that changes daily. This is a lot of fun as it encourages things to change.

This year, we’ve made some mode changes, including new train stops and faster respawn times between rounds. Instead of getting off the sky straight now, you can spawn on a supply ship and throw yourself into the area of ​​your choice. This is much better.

I missed you.

As usual, you can buy lots of new skins and cosmetics for this event. Some can also be unlocked via the Holo-Day Rewards Track. This track can be leveled up by playing Winter Express and completing event challenges.

Apex Legends’ Holo-Day Bash will be held from now until January 4th. For more information, please visit our website.

Check out the Apex Legends Weapon Guide for game help. Then you’re ready to pick the most loaded legend on your winter train.

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Apex Legends winter event brings back its best feature – the train

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