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First Tree is a story-driven exploration game set in the wilderness of Alaska. It follows two parallel stories. One is about the fox trying to find the missing family, and the other is about the son trying to reconnect with his estranged father. We sent App Army to see how fascinating the story was.

Their ideas are as follows:

Rohit Batia

I thought it would be a cool and soothing experience like Alto’s Adventure, but I was disappointed with the beautiful visual third person because it had nothing to do with it. The story is very close to the developer and I respect it, but that alone cannot make it a game. It was the audiobook I was listening to and was bored within 30-45 minutes. The controls are responsive and the music can captivate you. I give it a pass, but if someone likes the story you should get it.

Jim Linford

It’s a shame because I really like the “story” of art style and narration. However, while the game is disappointed by a one-time power-up fetch quest (lost when jumping), the level may be designed to have to jump over obstacles. Then you need to repeat the search for power-ups. Find another route around.

The items you are looking for are not close to each other and are not the path you have to clear, so if you accidentally jump, go back to the square. In my opinion, the creators of the game were so familiar that they knew what to do, but they didn’t design the game in a way that would make new players aware.

Mark Abkov

This is a nice game that I started with enthusiasm. I’m sorry, it didn’t last long. I heard a background conversation that took a long time to show relevance. I wandered a lot. I took the poor fox halfway up the hill, saw it start to slide down, and in the end I just thought …. let me do it. This game has a very minimal tutorial, but in my opinion I needed more.

Very nice views, graphics and sounds couldn’t overcome the frustration of trying. And when I read the other reviews and finally found a way to get over the obstacles, I got over the first big test … with little reward and little reason to go any further. This may be a very good experience, but it requires some work. Not only does it require a better tutorial, but it’s not as steep as the increasing difficulty. sorry. There is “passless”, then passless. I have to pass this.

Massimo Saraconi

I played it for a few hours and liked the art style and sound effects, but the gameplay made me a little boring and too idyllic to my taste. Plus, I haven’t suggested anything I’ve never seen in a gamer’s life … anyway, it’s a really good piece overall.

Isaia Stuart

Visuals: The graphics are a bit lacking, but the world is beautifully created. It looks great.
Sounds: From beautiful soundtracks to wildlife and wilderness sounds, sound design creates compelling and atmospheric games.
Control: The control is fine.
Gameplay: To be honest, not many. The game consists of running about collecting memories. There are no challenges or obstacles. The only thing between you and your purpose is space and time. It’s like listening to an audiobook while watching a video of a fox running around. If you like the story enough, it may be worth it to continue playing, but gameplay alone is hardly worth sticking to. This honestly postponed me quite a bit. I don’t know if this can be honestly called a game.

Michael Purdy

The game aims to be a simple platformer based on the story told in the narration. You are playing like a fox running and jumping in the mountains and forests. The controls work well, but the gameplay isn’t very attractive. And it’s not entirely clear how it relates to the story being told. Voice acting is good, but not very interesting. It may get better as you go.

Bruno Lamarho

I really enjoyed the wonderful voice acting and the “story” they were telling. Graphic department, there is no dissatisfaction, a very beautiful game. And I have to wonder what great game it was able to play. But I couldn’t find the game. Two hours after running around “hanging out” with the fox, I was really tired of the gameplay. If we could really call it gameplay.

I think this game can be turned into something more engaging, but for now I think it’s just an experience of life, memory and loss. But it’s very boring. And suddenly I got lost and had no choice but to wander myself in some of the landscapes I had been to before, to reach the stars, to fall off cliffs, and to get there. Over and over again. It really postponed me.

Oksana Ryan

This was a strange game. The graphics are gorgeous and I wanted to immerse myself in the gameplay right away. But that was very disappointing. I understand that it is a Zen-style game that you should go on a journey, and there are no enemies to fight or fights to win. But with that said, it seemed unlikely that I would want to move forward.

The main focus, the fox, was interesting for a while, but it didn’t seem to make any sense and had no purpose. There was background prose between the man and the woman, but at least while I was playing, it didn’t seem to have anything to do with the fox, and I suspected something was missing.

Background music was calm at first, but soon it became annoying over and over again. The fox dug up the item, jumped over the rock with the help of butterflies, and helped it jump higher, but it seemed to disappear as soon as he jumped. It all seemed a bit purposeless. I feel like I had a great experience, but it didn’t happen.

Naail Zahid

Well, the game looks gorgeous. It should be mentioned everywhere. And in terms of story, it’s a slow story that progresses as you continue to run towards the illuminated object, providing part of the story (or the narrator’s dream).

But this is what kills it for me-the actual gameplay is boring. It basically goes from point a to point b and has occasional jump sections. So the whole game could have been a video, and that would just make sense. I walked around like a fox and didn’t do anything. Besides, at least for me, the controls were less responsive due to the lag.

While trekking through a huge snow-covered land, I gave up because the story continues until I reach my destination. Meanwhile, foxes are running around. Maybe I’m not the target audience, maybe I want more from my game than just going here and going there? It looks great. But what does it mean to be a game?You could just release this as an audiobook or podcast

Raul Figueiled

The game has an interesting concept, as the fox journey looks like a metaphor for the man’s own life story. The sound design is cool (even if you find a slight contradiction between landing on grass and rocks), the graphics are practical and the gameplay is relaxed, but it really gets old quickly. The game tries to change things a bit from level to level, but in the process it feels like a chore. We welcome true puzzles rather than “find three similar objects”.

I’ve been playing for almost 2 hours and spending time enjoying all levels, but the slow pace, lack of interesting gimmicks and overall mechanics is really good for everyone. Is not. I got stuck at a certain level without any instructions on where to go. Unfortunately I gave up because the game wasn’t intriguing.

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