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Last Train is a story-driven adventure game in which the player takes on the role of the last pilot after the alternate history of World War II is over. They will have to choose which civilians to help and which to ignore. Reviewer Sergio Velasquez enjoyed it, but it’s good to hear a little more, so I handed over the game to App Army.

Their ideas are as follows:

Oksana Ryan

I found this game to be very repetitive. Pick up passengers, clean food and fuel, unload passengers and repeat. The graphics were dull as usual and I turned it off because the music fell, but the controls were easy to use and fun at the start of the game. However, the appeal of the game was limited because the same task was repeated many times and the background scene was repeated in small variations. I played it for about 30 minutes and it was enough to prove that it wasn’t for me.

Michael Purdy

The last train was played on iPad Pro 10.5. A very atmospheric game with a very simple gameplay arc. I like art style very much. Lots of deep shadows. The only colors are brown, black and white (there are reds here and there), but I think that supports the post-apocalyptic theme. You pick up passengers, travel from station to station and travel throughout North America. You can follow whatever path you want, but the number of days to get there is limited, so it’s best to choose passengers on your route. You can collect resources by cleaning the town. I’ve enjoyed it so far, but I feel a little repetitive.

Bruno Lamarho

I like dystopian post-war games like this. Especially in terms of resource management and crafting, I found the game a bit boring and boring. It’s great when it starts, and it gives you high hope. Get resources for some voice actors, dark soundtracks, some plans, places to bring people within the required time frame, work, and explore the city for more resources. But it’s about the same, rinsing and repeating. I don’t feel any emotion from people’s stories and backgrounds, and the method of making is very basic. It may be good for those who are new to this kind of game. But nothing new here, and others are doing a much better job with this. Oh, geared mini-games when the train is running are terrible.

Massimo Saraconi

I was excited about this game. Because I’m a fan of all the different post-WWII ectopic backgrounds that exist in games, books, and movies (yes, I love The Man in the High Castle), but unfortunately TLT doesn’t add anything new The management genre, certainly seems to be a step back these days, not too bad in terms of graphics and sound, but its playability is really boring Unfortunately, unfortunately I don’t recommend it at this point. Some on-screen text, such as state names on a map, is completely unreadable on the iPhone. This is another motivation to avoid it.

Robert Mains

The last train controls the trains that carry and unload people as they travel across the devastated United States shortly after World War II. Passengers nourish train crews and provide resources to keep the engine running. Graphically attractively dark, but sadly the gameplay is as dull as the color scheme. I wasn’t helped by a stupid gear game that I couldn’t get right to reduce resource consumption. There are better resource management games out there, avoid them.

Mark Abkov

I didn’t really know anything about the game other than a brief summary, so the opening scene with another dystopian history caught my interest. Unfortunately, the game hasn’t held that interest for so long. So the idea of ​​transporting people through different stories in post-disaster America is interesting, but in reality it doesn’t seem to be meaty. It picks up passengers for any purpose or purpose, drops them anywhere and tries to keep moving. They don’t seem to be interconnected or inclusive (as long as I stick to it anyway).

Very simple craft. Small gear tricks that try to save fuel respond with different sensitivities. In other words, trying to learn a few techniques doesn’t make sense, so it shouldn’t really be there. Apart from the concept, I just liked the vibration effect when the train departed. Yeah, that’s it. And that doesn’t justify the price of the ticket for me. Like my passengers, the trip was over soon. Faster than expected. sorry. A good attempt. If you are a fan of hardcore survival games, you might enjoy this. But there are already many others there.

Brian Wiggington

To be honest, I’ve been torn a bit in the reviews for this game. On the one hand, visual style and alternatives. The historic tone is pretty neat. On the one hand, this is a rehash of the Oregon Trail, and it feels like some tweaks have been made. This is not necessarily a bad thing, but be aware that it happens. Controls the trains that carry selected passengers at various stations. People all want to go somewhere within a certain number of days. Supplies and routes need to be planned to maximize fuel and food consumption and bring everyone where they are needed.

Passengers pay you for a variety of goods and tools, and you can clean them in all the towns near the station. The game grows little by little as you make new things to help you in your work. As some have said, it’s a bit moody, but I found the game interesting with a 20 minute burst. I admit I haven’t tried sandbox mode, but with some additional content / features, the last train can be more valuable for replays. Overall, if you like classic style resource management, it might be for sale.

Glen Goldberg

Every time I play The Last Train, there’s an old saying about style rather than substance that comes to mind. The black and white fake noir graphics look great … and this is good because every game (if you can call it) is doing it for it.

The premise is simple. The worst has happened and the country is in ruins. As the last train engineer, you have to bring people all over the country by ferry, bringing yourself to life and running the train. You can create an upgrade. The survival cycle begins almost immediately.

The problem arises when I realize that there is nothing in this Gothic art style. There’s little content, little to do other than grind … and unfortunately, grind isn’t that attractive. I was hoping something interesting would happen, but it didn’t happen. Unless you’re a hardcore survival addict … and still don’t think the last train will catch you, I can’t recommend it.

Jc Ga

The gameplay isn’t fun and the game content is terribly lacking. The visuals may be interesting, but it’s painful to carry these unidentified passengers from left to right while waiting for the cutscene to be triggered for no reason and with little interest. The name of the game helps you dream, but the simplicity of this application is actually so empty that you regret a lot of the great adventures offered on the Transarctica train (1993 game) long ago. !!

If you need a survival craft game in a dark and warlike atmosphere, there’s no reason not to recreate this war instead. Also, if you’re playing on a small train or exchanging between cities, choose the underrated «Wizards and Wagons».

Torb jörn Kämblad

Snowpiercer, I said that … Originally a movie, but more recently there’s also a Netflix series about trains that run when other parts of the world are frozen. The last train is playing with the same idea in a world where only one train keeps running.
If you hadn’t watched a show or listened to a movie, you probably thought the last train depended on some unique ideas. Now I know that is not the case. Rather, it feels like a game trying to become a snowpiercer rather than a snowpiercer. Adding a crafting system that is as light as adding cheese to a sandwich is called crafting.

The presentation is simple and won’t mess with me. Voice actors in cutscenes that rarely occur sound as boring as I do, and I end up trying to find an area on the screen to poke to move on.

The Last Train is trying to combine the rugged and miserable feeling of snowpiercers with the crazy taxi that carries passengers getting off all over the United States. It’s a combination that I don’t care about because I don’t care too much.
The gameplay itself is as easy as setting a destination. There are some gear mini games that can match the green area, but I couldn’t hit it correctly so I don’t know what it does.

At this time, we do not recommend the last train to anyone. If you want to be a Crazy Taxi survival game, you need to go back to development to decide if you want to be a Snowpiercer dystopian game. So far, it’s half-burned as much as President Trump’s thoughts on the future.

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