Apple announces App Store small business program

Apple has announced that it will reduce its share of profits on the App Store for developers with revenues of less than $ 1 million. The company has confirmed that it uses only 15% instead of the standard 30%.

With the new App Store Small Business Program, developers with annual revenue of less than $ 1 million can reduce fees for paid apps and in-app purchases. Developers can qualify for a program and a 15% fee reduction if they make up to $ 1 million in revenue in the previous calendar year, and can do this retroactively. If a developer makes a profit of $ 1 million or more, 30 percent of the standard will apply.

This isn’t the first time Apple has reduced or exempted developers who want a product from the App Store, according to The Verge. Amazon Prime is an example of Apple using only 15% and only subscriptions. Thankfully, small businesses are now being treated the same as Amazon in a move that should alleviate some of the problems of being in the App Store.

I like the idea Apple presented, but on the other hand, how can I forget about the ongoing legal battle between Epic Games and Apple, which focuses on how profits are split between the two. Do you want toNot available for download as of today Fortnite Any Apple device if you don’t own it yet and haven’t updated for months. As you may have forgotten, Epic Games has found a way to avoid paying Apple a standard 30% fee by adding a direct payment link in-game.


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