Apple blacklisted Fortnite until the court battle was over

Apple said it wouldn’t consider returning Fortnite to the App Store until the court battle with Epic Games was complete, but that may not last for years.

Epic recently confirmed that it has launched an appeal against Apple’s antitrust ruling. In this case, 9 out of 10 counts filed against the iPhone company were the judges in the case against Fortnite makers.

The court battle began in August 2020 after Epic moved to circumvent Apple’s platform fees with Fortnite’s new direct payment option, the game was removed from the App Store, and Epic’s developer account was closed. ..

Following a recent court ruling, Epic Games CEO Tim Sweeney wrote to Apple asking them to reopen their Fortnite developer account: “Follow Apple’s guidelines whenever and wherever you release a product on the Apple platform. I promised that.

In Epic’s only successful ruling, after December 9, Apple will no longer be able to restrict developers from including links or buttons that direct users to external payment options. If Apple complies with the ruling, Sweeney said Epic will resubmit Fortnite to the App Store.

However, in an answer shared online by Sweeney, Apple refused to recover Epic’s developer account and said, “We will not consider further requests for recovery until the district court’s ruling is final and unsuitable.” Stated.

Sweeney tweeted Wednesday. “Late last night, Apple notified Epic that Fortnite would be blacklisted from Apple’s ecosystem.

“Apple lied,” he added. “Apple has spent a year telling the world, courts and the press that” we welcome Epic back to the App Store if they agree to play with the same rules as others. ” Epic agrees, and Apple is now again abusing its power to monopolize over a billion users. “

According to Reuters, Epic’s appeal will be outlined at the beginning of the appeal on December 12, and Apple’s response will be until January 20, 2022.

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