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Apple, Tesla and Facebook are ready to report record sales with the busiest weekly earnings

US companies have been barely able to achieve positive earnings growth so far in this quarterly closing season, but big challenges arrive last week.

Almost a quarter of the S & P 500

According to calculations based on FactSet data, these companies account for 39% of the index in market value and are set up to report results. Given that the S & P 500 is market capitalized, this list of companies has a significant impact on the index’s profit trajectory.

Revenue is Expected to decrease for 4 consecutive quarters With all the results in the latest period, the companies reported so far have exceeded expectations overall.

The FactSet consensus models a 5% drop in earnings for the index. Compared to the 6.3% drop predicted a week ago.. The final positive profit growth of the S & P 500 will put an end to the current recession that occurs when a company’s profits decline for more than two consecutive quarters.


And Facebook Inc.

Alongside Tesla, it’s one of the highlights of next week’s slate.

Produce results for the first time since Became a member of S & P500.. All three prominent companies are scheduled to report Wednesday afternoon and are expected to generate record revenues during the holiday quarter.

Holiday quarters are always important for Apple, which will release a new iPhone in the fall.The pandemic is boosting sales, so this year it will be released slightly later than usual, Apple Largest total quarterly revenue ever And Over $ 100 billion for the first time in history.. Technology giants may also continue to benefit from the trends in telecommuting and distance learning. Driving strong iPad and Mac sales Through the COVID-19 crisis.

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Facebook is also expected to post what should easily be a record quarter given the strong digital advertising trends during the holidays.Still, the company has user engagement Donald Trump banned from platform indefinitely About his role in inciting violent riots at the US Capitol. Bernstein analyst Mark Schmlick points out “continuous use fatigue” and “non-monetary political event-biased conversations” across social media.

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Tesla has already disclosed year-round deliveries Exceeded analysts’ expectations,and All eyes will be on the outlook for the company in 2021.. RBC Capital Markets analyst Joseph Spack said in Tesla’s last earnings announcement that analysts were “not too far” expecting 840,000 to 1 million deliveries, but 825,000 to 875,000 million for the full year. 2021 forecasting unit delivery forecasts.

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Here are some other notes from last week that bring us reports from the 117 members of the S & P 500 and the average of 13 Dow Jones Industrial Averages:


up in the air


Despite the company’s 737-MAX jet being recertified after being grounded for almost two years, the journey remains confused. The company has begun delivering these aircraft, but according to benchmarking analyst Josh Sullivan, “the pace of delivering all 450 parked 737-MAXs is the airline that absorbs the aircraft. It depends on the customer’s ability and air traffic demand. ”

Boeing’s Wednesday morning report provides a perspective on the company’s recovery expectations during a pandemic, but Sullivan anticipates volatility resulting from recent equity offerings and the impact of the COVID-19 crisis on airlines. is.

Fourth Quarter Report from US Airlines It’s dark so far, And American Airlines Group Inc.

And Southwest Airlines Ltd.

We will provide more on Thursday morning.

Can you hear me

Verizon Communications Co., Ltd.

Tuesday morning leads a busy week of telecommunications revenue, followed by AT & TInc.

Wednesday morning and Comcast Corp.

Thursday morning.

An important issue for wireless operators is Impact of iPhone 12 Promotions on Recent Results.. Investors are also looking for information on the spectrum of recent wireless auction offerings that are essential to the deployment of 5G networks. The bid has not yet been announced, but the auction has resulted in record spending, and both AT & T and Verizon are expected to have made significant payments to assert their position. The question for investors is how these bids will affect a company’s financial position.

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AT & T and Comcast are exposed to more media than Verizon, and these two companies are trying to combat the new reality brought about by the pandemic.Both companies Moved to emphasize streaming with their film slate Given that the theater is closed, the economic impact of these moves is worth a look.


The changes in the situation that accompany the pandemic are probably not as clearly reflected as the Visa Inc results.

Mastercard Inc.

And American Express Co.

This is affecting the state of personal consumption around the world. Businesses need to provide insights into the recovery of travel towards the end of the year and the impact of recent blockades.

Susquehanna analyst James Friedman recently wrote that Mastercard’s $ 3.97 billion earnings forecast is slightly below consensus, but “someone really cares about the fourth quarter of 2020. “Are you?” Friedman is bright about the dynamics of mobile payments and online shopping, which suggests a “positive trend” for MasterCard to report Thursday morning. Visas will follow that afternoon and American Express will kick this week in a report on Tuesday morning.

Chip saga continues

Advanced Micro Devices Inc.

Ready to continue to benefit from Intel Corporation

Stumble, it Analysts expect to continue for some time As Intel A new tech-oriented CEO prepares to take command..

Jeffreys analyst Mark Lipasis said after Intel’s latest earnings report, “I’m not sure Intel can fill that transistor gap quickly, so I’ll continue to lose market share for the foreseeable future. I expect it. ” When AMD posts the numbers on Tuesday afternoon, it will show how its dynamics worked in terms of the equation.

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Other chip makers we reported last week include Texas Instruments Inc.

Tuesday afternoon.Xilinx

It will be acquired by AMD in a report Wednesday afternoon, with the participation of chip equipment maker Lam Research Corp.

; And Western Digital Corp.

Thursday afternoon.

Dow’s busy week

Among the 13 members of the Dow Jones Industrial Average 30 species average

This week’s report is 3M Co.

, Johnson & Johnson

American Express, Verizon, and Microsoft Corp.

All of these will be reported on Tuesday.

Chris Schott, an analyst at JP Morgan, told Johnson & Johnson, “In the short term, the reading of the company’s COVID-19 vaccine will be an important catalyst in the future and will be effective in the range of 80% or more. We believe it suggests a clear role for the product. ” ..

Cowen & Co. Analyst J. Derrick Wood sees Microsoft’s comparison as tough, especially in the Azure and server businesses, but expects it to be even more favorable in the future.

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Wednesday brings Boeing and Apple results, and Thursday features McDonald’s.

Dow Jones Industrial Average

And visa. Honeywell International Inc.

Chevron Co., Ltd.

And Caterpillar Inc.

The week ends on Friday morning.

Apple, Tesla and Facebook are ready to report record sales with the busiest weekly earnings Apple, Tesla and Facebook are ready to report record sales with the busiest weekly earnings

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