Apple’s new iPad Mini gets the upgrade I’ve been waiting for

Hand holding a 6th generation iPad Mini to play Marvel Future Revolution.

Apology for a huge plump hand.
Photo: Mike Fahey / Kotaku

When Apple released the original iPad Mini in late 2012, I thought, “This is the best form factor for tablet games.” Wherever I went, I pulled out a compact device and showed off a 7.9-inch screen to show how well it fits on my oversized foot. I never went back to a full size iPad. Then Apple ignored my little tablet buddies and spent the next eight years giving its big model all the good upgrades. I had completely given up getting a good iPad Mini again, but that happened last month.

There is no home button anymore. There is no more lightning cable. It features a gorgeous 8.3-inch liquid Retina display and a powerful A15 Bionic chip. The iPad Mini is finally back.

Apple discontinued the iPhone X home button in 2017. In 2018, I removed the home button and replaced the iPad Pro’s Lightning plug with USB-C. Then, in 2019, we announced the 5th generation iPad Mini. ..

5th generation iPad Mini, also known as garbage.

Photo: Apple

I was completely crushed. For fans of the small form factor, the presence of its home button and the fact that this “new” hardware still uses its own Lightning cable was proof that Apple doesn’t care about the Mini as much as I do. .. Despite the old components, I bought almost one, but it was postponed by the IPS LCD display.

A photo of Apple's newer and better iPad Mini 6th generation model.

Photo: Apple

That’s why it was a great surprise for Apple to announce the 6th generation model last month. This is a major redesign of the first iPad Mini since its launch in 2012. There are no more thick top and bottom borders for home buttons and hardware. .. There is no more silly IPS screen. In contrast to the 5th generation, which has two speakers at the bottom, two at the top and two at the bottom, for a total of four stereo speakers.

A photo of the iPad Mini 6th generation playing a shooter on an Xbox Series X controller.

I agree that the desk can use more wires.
Photo: Mike Fahey / Kotaku

The 6th generation iPad Mini is only slightly larger than the Xbox Series One controller. It’s easy to put both in your bag for on-the-go gaming. Coupled with an Apple Arcade subscription, I always have a huge library of ready-to-use controller-enabled games. Yes, you can do the same with the Nintendo Switch, but the Nintendo Switch doesn’t do everything the iPad does, like everything you can do with your computer over a 5G wireless connection.

In most cases, I prefer the iPad Mini to the latest model iPad Air. The smaller the form factor, the more comfortable it is to hold for a long time. It’s a little wide. A compact screen means you can take everything in even if you have it close to your eyes. This is an important consideration for those who spend a lot of time in bed due to disabilities.

A photo of the back of the 6th generation iPad Mini.

My is pink. I chose the perfect background for this photo and completely obscured that fact.
Photo: Mike Fahey / Kotaku

In fact, the iPad Air instead of the Mini arrives only when you want to read comics. I won’t be young, and when it comes to reading text bubbles, the bigger ones will always be better for me. That said, if you’re happy with a reader with per-panel zoom, the Mini will do just fine.

I’ve been playing games on my iPad Mini for weeks, which is more than I’ve played on my iPhone or iPad Air for months.Very easy to pick up when you want to level Marvel Future Revolution Complete letters or a few more rounds The world of zookeepers..Who knows, maybe I will eventually go back to playing some Genshin Impact To this little baby. I’m always looking for more to worship and get angry at the same time.

That’s why the new iPad Mini, like its ancient 2012 ancestors, quickly became my go-to device for hit games. By the way, it’s on a computer desk on the bed a few centimeters away from the mouse and keyboard, but when you need to find out something quickly, you get it on your PC in half the time instead. Again, it’s a sweet spot between portability and power. This hopes Apple won’t let me have another valuable model for nine years.

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