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TNT 2 ONE will no longer feature a decorated BJJ player mixed martial arts debut Buchecha..

Marcus Almeida, BuchechaAimed to make a promotional debut at the ONE Championship with the April 14th card.

Buchecha They were lined up for a heavyweight match against Jiwonkan. However, withdrawal occurred as a result of Kang’s injury when he defeated Amir Aliakbari in the March contest.

The organization sought to find a short-term alternative to the match. But unfortunately it wasn’t for Almeida. MMA Fighting first reported on these latest developments.

One for TNT2

Closer sources show that the Kang vs. Almeida match can simply be rescheduled. Just move the prize fight to a card later in the calendar year.

Almeida does a great job at both the Evolve MMA and the American Kickboxing Academy. We will steadily prepare for the advancement of this first mixed martial arts.

When I talked to Buchecha after the news of his ONE Championship signature broke, He elaborated on all of the great work he has done at AKA over the years. This includes working with Daniel Cormier in the final camp prior to the Steve Miocchi rubber match.

Few Submission Grapplers Marcus Has Resume Types Buchecha Almeida summarized. Almedia has solidified his position in the Guinness World Records as he has won so many gold medals and world championship honors in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

When Background of grappling saint Gordon Ryan signing ONE We’re also aiming for a crossover to MMA, and it’s an exciting time in one ever-expanding heavyweight division.

Perhaps you can see a future scenario where Almeida and Ryan are doing things, but in the context of MMA.

Who do you think will win if Almeida vs. Kang collapses for Buchecha’s MMA debut?

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April 14 Card Marcus “Buchecha” Almeida April 14 Card Marcus “Buchecha” Almeida

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