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Aprilia is one of two manufacturers alongside KTM, which has been allowed to start the 2021 MotoGP season with a new engine, and Marque’s RS-GP is one step in all areas compared to its predecessor. It has been proven to be moving forward.

Espargaro passed the qualifying in 8th place and finished 7th in the front group. Only 5.9 seconds after the win, he improved his top result of 8th place overall in the 2020 season.

Asked by what he learned about his new bike in the race, Espargaro said: It was a solid race. The pre-season wasn’t a joke, it showed that it was better than ever and that we could fight the top riders.

“Unfortunately, we still have to learn a lot, especially at the beginning of the race. We lost a lot of ground because we suffered a bit when the tank was full.

“And in the middle of the race, I was able to overtake many riders. [Joan] I arrived at the meal main group, but eventually the front tires were gone.

“But the overall feeling is okay and I think I’m more ready for the next race.

“But when I felt in another year [of this race], Maybe I push more and try to get the top 5, and it’s easy to make mistakes.

“Because this is the first race, it’s very important to score points in every race this year and I think this is a good start.”

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Espargaro was pleased with the RS-GP’s stopping power and its acceleration, but admitted that using slipstream did not provide the top-end power he expected.

“I feel that the bike has a lot of potential for downforce braking and acceleration,” he added.

“Unfortunately, in 5th and 6th gear, the speed slows down considerably when I’m alone, so I suffered more than I expected, but in the draft I thought I could stay on the bike in front of me.

“But it wasn’t like this, I lost a lot of time straight.

“Overall, I think this bike was competitive and I think I did all the races without any problems. The electronics worked very well.

“The tires and fuel economy were very good. It’s a very good start because everyone suffered and we were okay.”

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Aprilia proves pre-season form “not a joke” at Qatar MotoGP Aprilia proves pre-season form “not a joke” at Qatar MotoGP

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