Aquaman and Mela tie a knot seven years after DC Comics’ ban on marriage

All of Aquaman’s adventures have been one-way for the past few months. With an emphasis on democracy, the reunification of the seven kingdoms of the sea under the new regime that the Merman dynasty married 1,000 years ago.

And I can thank Queen Mela of Atlantis for giving me the initiative. Aquaman thanked her for having a surprise wedding / engagement party with her daughter and all of her friends.

Throw a successful surprise public proposal without consulting your loved one: now that is Superpower!

What else is happening on our favorite manga page? I will tell you. Welcome to Monday Funnies, Polygon’s weekly list of books that comic editors enjoyed last week. This is part of the Superhero Life Society page, reading recommendations, and “See This Cool Art”. There may be spoilers. There may not be enough context. But there are great cartoons. (And if you missed the last edition, read this.)

Aquaman # 65

Image: Kelly Sue Deconic, Miguel Mendonca / DC Comics

Why did the two take seven years to tie a knot?Well, once upon a time, the creative team behind DC Batwoman The title was abandoned because a DC editorial told them that Batwoman was not allowed to marry her girlfriend. To quell fan blowbacks, DC Comics co-publisher Dandio at the time wouldn’t allow a couple of superheroes to marry because “heroes shouldn’t have a happy personal life.” He said that is DC’s policy. And when fans pointed out that not only Aquaman and Mela live together, but also the King and Queen of Atlantis, DC officials replied that they weren’t actually married. 2013 was a real year.

X-Force # 14

Image: Benjamin Percy, Gerry Dugan, Joshua Kassala / Marvel Comics

This week, the tournament between Cracoa champion X-Men and the best Araco came to the final mind. The scores are tied, resulting in a death duel between the Apocalypse and his long-deceased wife Genesis.But shout X-force # 14 embarked on the long X-Men tradition of having Storm absolutely destroy someone in a knife battle.

Die # 12

When their old friend pulls the d20 out of his eyes, he finds that Die's character is Die # 12, Image Comics (2020), not the gamemaster, but all the players in the world around him.

Image: Kieron Gillen, Stephanie Hans / Image Comics

As is often the case with Khyron Gillen’s comics die The second arc was closed with a rebirth that completely changed the essence of the story.I’m still enjoying dieBut I also have a hard time remembering what’s happening every month.

Batman # 103

Harley Quinn dodges several attacks from a frustrated clown hunter and wields what he calls a

Image: James Tinion IV, Guillem March / DC Comics

Harley Quinn vs. Crown Hunter-an irrational teen who wants to kill everyone who has worked for the Joker-was a very entertaining fight.

Marvel’s Voice: Indigenous Voice # 1

Image: Darcy Little Badger, Kyle Charles / Marvel Comic

The title of Marvels’ Dawn of X is a wonderful quest for the formation of a sovereign mutant nation and what it means for true mutant culture. But the flagship book under its umbrella is a new mutant to explore what Cracoa means to other confused countries and those who pledge allegiance to endangered cultural heritage. I hope it will take some time to invent the tradition.

So far, the book I’ve seen dealing with this idea is Black panther, Vita Ayala’s Predator # 13, and this story Marvel’s Voice: Indigenous VoiceFrom Darcy Little Badger and Kyle Charles-all written by the creators of the colors. Others in the X-Men scene need to be careful.

Something is killing the kids # 12

Erica tells James that when another character approaches, he can create a monster by talking about the monster.

Image: James Tynion IV, Werther Dell’edera / Boom Studios

Difficult to speak Something is killing the children Without ruining it, but Tynion and Dell’edera’s horror adventure comics just finished its second arc and remained truly solid, another by revealing the buildings of the new world. Keep crazy about things.

Catwoman # 27

In Catwoman # 27, DC Comics (2020), wearing a gas mask, Catwoman throws two smoke grenades and pulls out a group of men hand in hand.

Image: Lamb V, Fernando Blanco / DC Comics

On this page I commend Fernando Blanco, who killed it, and Ram V, who was able to do it out of the way of the artist.

Immortal Hulk # 40

The Thing confronts the Hulk on the Coney Island promenade and simply says,

Image: Al Ewing, Joe Bennett / Marvel Comics

The slow development of the new Ewing of “Hulk and Thing Slow Down” made this week’s delicious cap Immortal hulk, This continues to be a very good cartoon on all issues. But it’s Joe Bennett who really sells the last moment. Pose, facial expression, rock. That’s good!

The Dark Knight: Death Metal # 5

Wonder Woman jumps out of a fortress that floats with dozens of Robo troops in The Dark Knight: Death Metal # 5, DC Comics (2020).

Image: Scott Snyder, Greg Capullo / DC Comics

At this stage of the game, I’m not going to summarize what’s happening with Dark Nights: Death Metal. I wanted to know that Wonder Woman has an army of Lobos.

Widowmakers: Red Guardian and Yelena Belova # 1

Former Black Widow Jelena Belova fends off an explosion that defeats her enemies.

Image: Devin Grayson, Michele Bandini / Marvel Comics

I may be prejudiced, but I thought Devin Grayson did a great job with the Widowmakers one-shot quiet and difficult: make me feel like the characters and who they are Those who provide portraits of single-problem characters who understand what, and will be excited the next time I see them.

Rorschach # 2

The detective asks the doorman of the apartment why the mailbox has a number instead of a name.

Image: Tom King, Jorge Fornes / DC Comics

The second issue of Tom King and Jorge Fornes Watchmen adjacent Rorschach It acts like a political mystery thriller, but it wasn’t until this panel that I remembered that this panel was set to the Watchmen setting.

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