AR Inventor warns that the Metaverse can be life-threatening

One of the most influential names in the AR world predicts that the Metaverse is destined to open a box of problems that distort Pandora’s reality.

Louis Rosenberg — the prolific inventor behind the world’s first feature Augmented reality The System — Metaverse believes it will be a terrifying change that can distort reality and dramatically affect the way users perceive things in real life. Since Mark Zuckerberg announced the epic Metaverse project, the tech industry has been more immersive, centered on AR and VR, with its own digital economy and experiences of all kinds, from work meetings to concerts and games. It is crowded with the vision of the Internet.

Meta is Pour billions of dollars To build that metaverse, what it says must be a joint effort. Of course, the company knows that acting as a gatekeeper for “Internet 2.0” doesn’t stimulate excitement, as it doesn’t have a particularly good track record. Cash-rich names like Nvidi, Microsoft, and Epic have already thrown their hats into the ring. However, experts are also wary of the negative effects of the Metaverse, especially when it comes to harassment in more immersive environments. Rosenberg, a pioneer in augmented reality, is no exception.

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Write for Big sinkRosenberg says that the XR-heavy Metaverse blends reality and imagination so that it is likely to change people’s sense of reality. “Personally, I think this is horrifying, because augmented reality fundamentally changes every aspect of society and is not always a good way to do it.” Rosenberg writes, expressing concern about strong things Platform provider that controls the metaverse infrastructure.. Not only engineers are worried about the above aspects, as many stakeholders developing the Metaverse experience have called for Meta in their announcement as having taken over the entire discourse. They also raised legitimate concerns about the meta that controls a virtually unlimited Internet environment without first solving existing problems.The economic opportunities here are obviously huge and there is something like a crypto investment giant grayscale We call it a $ 1 trillion bet.

Metaverse distorts reality, but in a good way?


Rosenberg says augmented reality Exacerbate existing problems Internet to a dangerously high level. Stanford University graduates explain that AR makes it dangerously easy to see someone else’s personal information and is likely to respond accordingly. For example, wear an AR device, walk down the street, and see someone else with a virtual bubble on it. It not only identifies them, but also provides an overview of what they like, their idealistic / political tendencies, and their hobbies. , and so on. Rosenberg argues that the world is heading in that direction and it is very unlikely that it will be a better place. It’s not difficult to actually imagine.For example, a social platform like Instagram Its all toxicity and harassmentAnd how it tackles privacy and abuse in a more immersive virtual space.

The Metaverse can push users into even smaller bubbles, providing customized content and customized advertising. The platform is already struggling to control what kind of content users can and cannot see, Providing tools such as’hide’ Use Unfollow to limit certain types of content from appearing in social media feeds. When this is brought into the Metaverse, such tools hide the real thing of the world behind a virtual wall, separating people from what is really happening around them.Needless to say, there is a risk of alienating those who cannot afford it. AR Hardware, especially important information, begins to appear in the Metaverse more often than in real-world media such as newspapers and magazines.

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source: Big sink, Grayscale research

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AR Inventor warns that the Metaverse can be life-threatening

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