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The ARCA Midwest Tour and the ARCA / CRA Super Series will each continue to be approved by ARCA in 2021. (Photo of Randy Christ)

Temperance, Michigan — ARCA, Champion Racing Ass’n, and ARCA Midwest Tour officials have confirmed an extension of the organization’s sanctions this year.

Both the CRA and the Midwest Tour are owned and operated by respected industry veterans. CRA founders and principals RJ Scott and Glen Racket are celebrating a quarter of a century of tour existence. Midwest Tour owner and general manager Greg McCarns is a second-generation racing businessman who has been voted by his peers as the 2019 RPM Workshops National Promoter of the Year.

RJ Scott, CRA Managing Partner, said: “It is especially noteworthy that the anniversary coincides with the 25th season of the ARCA / CRA Super Series with JEGS.”

The ARCA / CRA Super Series with JEGS raced for the first time in 1997 and has been in continuous operation ever since. The series raced on 37 tracks in the eastern United States that appear in Florida, Georgia, Indiana, Illinois, Michigan, Missouri, North Carolina, Ohio, Tennessee, and Wisconsin.

McCarns, owner and promoter of Madison International Speedway, Wisconsin, said: .. “After the shortening of 2020, we are moving forward at full speed and are excited about the great track schedule on the 2021 AMT schedule, which is the 15th season of the series.”

Continuing the Midwest-based ARTGO series late model racing tradition established by McCarn’s late father John McCarns in the 1970s and 1990s, the ARCA Midwest Tour offers Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Michigan, and Minnesota. , Raced on 22 tracks in Ohio. , Tennessee and Wisconsin since 2007.

Combined, the two series of sanctions or joint sanctions are some of the most prestigious events in late-paving model races in the eastern United States. Winchester 400, Indiana, October Fest, Wisconsin, All-American 400, Tennessee, Speedfest, Georgia, Grass City 200, Ohio, Battle at Berlin 251 Michigan, Joe Sheer Classic, Wisconsin, Indiana Everything at Red Bad 400, Father’s Day 100 Millwalky Miles is included in the overall 2021 schedule of the tour, among many other major long-running traditional races.

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ARCA continues sanctions for CRA and Midwest tours ARCA continues sanctions for CRA and Midwest tours

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