Arcade Archives Zero Team Review (Switch eShop)

During the arrival of Angry Street 4 And Takeover You might think that the beat’em up fighters are back in fashion, but by 2020 it’s still a pretty niche genre. And, cruelly honestly, it has been so since the mid-’90s. Street Fighter II One-on-one fighters have become the genre of choice for millions of players around the world.

Zero team – The only side-scrolling fighter created by the most famous Seibu Kaihatsu Raiden A series of vertical shooters – arrived at just the wrong time in the arcade. By the time it was launched in 1993, everyone was obsessed with Street Fighter, and as a result, it disappeared from sight and was never ported to home systems. In fact, the game was mostly forgotten until 2016, but eventually it became playable with MAME. Its breakthroughs have added Zero Team to Hamster’s premier Arcade Archives collection, but few in the same league as the Streets of Rage and Streets of Rage. Final fight, Will be very interesting for fans of this style of game.

The Zero Team is a four-player fighter featuring typical attack combos, aerial kicks, and throwing movements that became famous in Capcom’s Final Fight. You can also press the “Attack” and “Jump” buttons at the same time to not only lift nearby enemies, but also perform special attacks that consume a little health gauge. The Zero team confuses things a bit by allowing them to roll when knocked down (thus avoiding incoming blows and projectiles), and pushing the controller “up” for a standard combo. Add a special attack to. punch.

Sprites are small compared to those found in Final Fight and other side-scrolling action games at Capcom, but they are complemented by a wealth of personality. Ace and speed are basically pallet swaps, but the muscular Big-O is packed with welcome punches and the female fighter’s spins roam like Miashiranui. Enemies are similarly well rendered, from the look-alike of Stan Hansen, who frowns and distorts when attacked.This is because the level is also packed with neat incidental details seriously A handsome game by 1993 standards. It’s a pity that the music is very dull.

The biggest problem with Zero Team is that it can be leveled on virtually any side-scrolling fighter. It’s a repeat. It’s very challenging, but it gets old very quickly – and because of its honor, it doesn’t rely on the usual cheap tactics found in other arcade belt crawlers. It’s definitely a shallow side, but it’s a good example of a genre that’s definitely worth a try if you’re interested in this kind of game. It would be even more fun if we could get the help of the other three players. Zero Team is another gem lost in the Arcade Archives range.The work of hamsters in this area is commendable and I hope it will last for a long time.

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