Arcade Space Shooter Redout: Space Assault Now on Switch

34BigThings today confirmed that Redout: Space Assault, an arcade space shooter based in the same space as Redout, is heading for Switch. The release is scheduled for January 22, 2021.

The game overview and trailer are as follows:

The first part of the original game, Redout: Space Assault, is a single-player game that incorporates the best features of the series (fast and spectacular pace, advanced gameplay, stunning aesthetics) and combines them with new weapons. It is a science fiction shooting game. And the mechanism of space flight. With complete vehicle customization and a variety of missions at the edge of the seat, Redout: Space Assault uses roguelike elements throughout the incredible space battlefield to deliver intense action.


– Career Mode: Learn all the skills you need to survive and win in the Redout Universe.
– A thriving world: Experience exotic places and epic battles across all frontiers.
– Deep gameplay: Show tactical advantage by testing quick thinking, dexterity, and adaptability.
– Larger and worse weapons: You are free to use a variety of weapons, from plasma cannons and shock rays to railguns, air-to-air missiles, and load-up gatling.
– Customize your ride: Upgrade your spaceship to blow up dozens of enemies or board a destroyer with one hand! Drop and exchange cards to improve certain aspects of the ship and suit your style.
– Music for Your Ears: A completely dynamic soundtrack that drops unprecedented beats when the action gets hot!

Redout: Space Assault will be digitally sold to Switch through the e-shop.

Source: 34BigThings PR

Arcade space shooter Redout: Space Assault coming to Switch

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