Archer Season 11 Finale: Post-Coma Disgust and What to Expect in Season 12

It wasn’t long ago that I realized that I was looking at Archers from a sense of loyalty and commitment rather than the essential quality of Archers. Like many fans, I’ve come to love this series because of its trademark espionage and witty ginger in the first place. Times have changed. However, Season 11 represented the first batch of post-coma episodes, which, coupled with the growth of a surprisingly interesting character, nailed my hope of returning to normal with a simple story. The season finale doesn’t land the heliport as it should, but it wants to know: spoiler For the season 11 finale and all the great episodes before it. Archers aren’t shows that rely on big plot points to nail jokes or move characters, but the show has a tradition of setting cool and interesting scenarios for the next season.In Season 11, we’ll look at the cast of a very capable but very inappropriate character after Archer himself was torn from life. Throughout the season, we’ve seen these “reformed” characters return to their messy self and culminate in the penultimate episode with the wonderful rescue missions of Archer and Lana’s daughter. It cast the question of why additional episodes were needed to put things together, and until the last five minutes, this remained true throughout most of the season finale.

The episode begins in the proper archer way, with Mallory briefing the mission and Cyril planting her face on the floor again. Murders in Antarctic compounds spur the murder mystery and involve the entire agency, including the usual stowaways Pam and Cheryl. After a few cross-examinations, a second character kicks a bucket, along with a simple game of strip solitaire with Pam (of course). It quickly became clear that hydrogen bombs were mixed and plans were underway to blow up the ice cap and flood the planet. Some simple thoughts, including pickled juice and the courage of your classic archer, bring the bad guys, and that nasty helicopter stops the sea level from rising. End credit.

This is a fully serviceable Archer episode, but for most of its run time, it’s hard to believe this is the season finale. The episode is not here to connect the story. When Archer returns from a three-year coma, he cannot push the character forward or complete the character arc. This is a fun whodunit that gives the character another chance to behave improperly and throw away the ridiculous one-liner. That is, up to the last 5 minutes. Suddenly, a character appears that reflects how it has changed in the last eight episodes, and you can even get a glimpse of Archer’s comatose character flashing in front of you. I liked this part, but the episode just felt like I noticed it was a season ender in the last few scenes.

Still, the ending makes use of some powerful themes. Archer is a terrible person. Cheerful, yes, but also self-euphoric and incredibly selfish. We know that the character knows it, and for the first time in his life, Archer really begins to know it. More than that, Archer revealed that since the first day from his coma, his friends have improved endlessly and in his absence have become a better version of themselves, so Archer he I had to accept that it had a terrible impact on my peers. And in the end, he was just a little away from admitting it out loud.

From Archer’s irresponsible yet heroic submarine bombing to Archer’s massive truth bomb immediately after being beaten, it seems completely true. As Archer eloquently says, everyone uses Archer as “an excuse to be your worst self.” Even Lana could not refute this revelation, and it is absolutely true. These people are animals. They get the job done, but they are at the core wild and they want to return to their natural temperament. An archer who wakes up from a coma is all you need to get it back. The message of Season 11 is that Archers should not be blamed for everyone’s problems, otherwise they are convinced of themselves.Come on, to the top sighting Shenanigan! Is Archer still in a coma? Probably not! Is it possible that Archer hasn’t fully recovered from three years of sleep? of course! Were these just cool Easter eggs that gave the spacecraft crew and crackers the opportunity to see the parrots again? I don’t think so. It piled up something in Season 10, when Archer was constantly watching the flash of his actual non-comatose life. This is much smaller, but they are not included unless there is something completely incorrect in either Archer’s awakening or current reality. It’s a shame to erase what was built in Season 11, so I’m sure there will be some verbs for funky comatose characters next season, but I don’t feel like I’ve removed the entire season. Krieger, your time is here!

Wouldn’t it be great to know that Archer is back in Season 12? Not only because Archer is consistently back in fun and its humble roots, but also because there are many loose ends to catch up. What happened to the incredibly powerful exosuit in episode 3? Is Archer a friend of Barry now? It doesn’t last long! And we definitely don’t expect Lana and Robert to be together, right? If anything, Archer has done a lot of work before him with his daughter AJ, so there isn’t time to stop Archer’s train yet.

Archers are great for providing real laughter without getting in the way to create wild plots to rock things. Maybe Noir’s detective season and pirate-focused episode pockets are needed to re-understand the spy side of Archer. In any case, I hope Season 11 is back in shape and will continue the next time the world’s best spies appear on the screen.

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