Are you a fan of BTS Harry Styles?

What does Harry Styles’ “fall” mean?

Immediately after Jungkook’s cover fell, popular BTS fan and translation account @modooborahae retweeted 2016 comments from members about how he approached the cover. In it he writes: “When covering a song, always check what the lyrics are / mean before recording the song. Also search for the meaning of the lyrics. And listen to it again. The sound different…!”

The cover means to many BTS fans who may not be very familiar with Style’s work, behind a very personal song that is part of Style’s “Fine Line” album released in 2019. I urged you to look up. The specific inspiration behind his song (“Watermelon Sugar” has recently been brilliantly excluded), He has Widely explained The “fine line” is to “have sex and feel sadness.”of Apple Music InterviewStyles said he wrote the song in about 20 minutes, looking back at the time he felt “the lowest I’ve ever felt in my life.”many Estimated “Falling” is especially about the dissolution of Styles with former partner Camille Rowe.

This song contains some of the most intimate and emotional lyrics of the style. Starting with “I’m in bed, you’re not here … and I’m not responsible for anything but drinks and my wandering hands”, “If you don’t want anything around me?” Vocals are often the same. The ghostly bridge, especially “I feel you will never need me”, remains intentionally in both the style version and the Jungkook cover. However It is on the right side of the belt and scream split.

Whatever the reason Jungkook chose to cover Styles’ “Falling” (which is a great song), he seems to be interested in Styles’ career and music.Jungkook hasn’t released his solo album yet (unlike One Direction and other Western groups, there’s room for a solo project built into the K-POP system), and all the covers are for fans. Because you can get a glimpse of that future project known to JJK1It may look like.

And you know, BTS Did it Collaboration with recent Another popular British musician

What do you think about the cover of Jungkook’s “Falling”? Please let us know in the comments below …

Are you a fan of BTS Harry Styles?

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