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Are you still proud of Portland? -Living room real estate

Last week, in a recent Spring 2021 issue of Portland Monthly Magazine, I learned that friends Liliana Caughman and Megan Watson McGinnis updated their readers with an article about how I treat them in the homes that helped them move in. I did. “House hunter”) Not so long ago.They even had updated features 📷 The image requested to provide the work!

You can find a link to your work here.

Fast forward to today when we receive the bittersweet news that Liliana has used her PhD in a position at Arizona State University. Yeah, she and her partner Megan are quickly packing up and heading for a clearer sky. Of course, I’m happy with them and this exciting new adventure (always an adventure with these two), but sometimes I miss them all in the same way. Last year, the covid didn’t give many opportunities for real interaction. ¯ _ (tsu) _ / ¯ However, as you know, some clients actually just click. That’s the best part of my job!

Keep an eye out for their cute little “ranch” coming soon …


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Hi, I’m Chad: I’m a licensed real estate broker, a native Oregonian, a photo enthusiast, an old house enthusiast, all animal friends, and using analytical data. As a member of the REALTORS® National, Oregon, Portland Metropolitan Association, the tools I have acquired over the last 20 years (client advocacy, sales and marketing, dispute resolution, et al.) To help people on a daily basis. Conclusion … I love my job! Through my personal experience, I understand that buying and selling a home is more than just a commercial transaction. In fact, it can often be a life-changing event! That’s why I’m dedicated to providing outstanding service to clients when it’s time to take action. List side; I believe that every home, no matter how humble or magnificent, deserves to give the best possible first impression to prospective buyers. That’s why I partner with one of the best independent real estate agents in our area (Living Room Realty) to provide the most attractive and relevant marketing for all real estate. It also means that I will never represent your home online with smartphone photos; ^) Buyers; I personally work with all clients-junior team members of the team Never hand over to you-we will work together towards your goals and avoid being a prey to some of the pitfalls that buyers may face in today’s heavily weighted market. In short, I can help you win! Above all, I pledge to strongly support the interests of my clients and promise to work relentlessly to help them reach their real estate goals. After all, if you haven’t had a great experience, I believe I’m not doing my job. Personally, I’ve been connected to this wonderful city and its surroundings since I was a kid. Most recently, my family (wife Sean, son Jacob, mother Glenna, and Mats Juno & Dizzy) has lived in the vibrant Selwood-Moreland district for the past 14 years. When you’re not at your desk or in the field to assist your clients, capture fascinating scenes behind the camera lens, play basketball wherever you can find a pick-up game, or take a picture of your son’s high school and these two passions You will notice that you are trying to combine. Basketball team activities (GO WARRIORS!). And sometimes, looking for a bartender who knows the perfect Roman Holiday recipe, you might even find me in a fine dining restaurant in our city; ^) Whether you plan to buy or sell (or just develop) Please feel free to contact us. I understand your goals and look forward to helping you achieve them!The contact information is … 503-709-9600 -Or-

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Are you still proud of Portland? -Living room real estate Are you still proud of Portland? -Living room real estate

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