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Justin Sanders (center) shares the podium with Wes Wofford and JT Imperial. (Photo of Ron Jillson)

Casa Grande, Arizona — Justin Sanders, CA, charged late in the race to keep Saturday perfect and took eighth place owned by Bobreme in the southwestern ASCS of the Central Speedway, Arizona.

On his second trip to the Victory Lane on the Arizona-based tour of Sanders, Field chased Weswoford, New Mexico on the first 19 laps.

The misfortune of Nick Parker, who rode 115 at the opening 3rd on the 11th circuit, was Sanders’ advantage. While paying attention to the middle of the race, No. 8 jumped to the top on lap 20 and was 3.678 seconds behind.

Wes Wofford remained in 2nd place and JT Imperial took the podium with a great run from 8th place.


Function (25 laps): 1.8-Justin Sanders[4]2. 19-Wes Wofford[1]3.75-JT Imperial[8]4. 18-Lorne Wofford[5]5.2-Alex Pettas[10]6.47-Charles Davis Jr.[11]7.01-Royal Jones[9]8.44-Eric Wilkins[17]9.83- Mike Woodruff[21]10.4-Tuesday Calderwood[15]11. 3V-Jim Vanzant[16]12.71H-Robert Horseley[19]13.115-Nick Parker[2]14. 57-Jame Burns[3]15.6-Logan Calderwood[20]16.12-Jesse Stone[13]17.2B-Billy Chester III[7]18. 19AZ-Hayden Reinbold[12]19.29-Cody Sickle[18]20.8AZ-Jordan Tetson[14]21.116-Vance Woford[6]

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Arizona Sanders Prices | Speed ​​Sports Arizona Sanders Prices | Speed ​​Sports

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