Ark 2 revealed in the first trailer, starring Vin Diesel

In one of perhaps the most unexpected announcements last night, developer Studio Wildcard revealed that it’s working on a sequel to the popular survival sim. ARK: Survival evolution..

Details Ark 2As the title suggests, the ground outside the trailer below is currently thin, but the voice of the actor Vin Diesel, Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy Groot, who is famous for his role in the Fast & Furious series, appears.Appeared quite a few times in the game world, especially recreating his role as Riddick from the Pitch Black movie series Ridick’s Chronicle: Escape from Butcher Bay..

Aaron Greenberg Revealed that the game will be console-only You can expect the console Xbox Series X and S, probably even on a PC. Studio Wildcard also revealed that the Ark anime series is in production and will feature voice actors from Gerald Butler, Michelle Yeoh, Karl Urban, and David Tennant who will play the role of Sir Edmund Rockwell in a recent Genesis extension of the original game.

Watch the trailer published at the Game Awards below.No date Ark 2 Not yet, but the anime series is scheduled to drop in 2022.

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