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Fabrizio Romano claimed that Arsenal and Udinese have agreed to a deal that would allow Pablo Mali to take out a loan.

In the last few weeks, there have been a lot of rumors leaving this transfer window because many players couldn’t get the game time they were looking for or they didn’t need it in the club anymore.

Mali became a regular on the first team when Mikel Arteta joined the club from Flamengo shortly after joining the club, but realized that his opportunities were limited in recent months.

Rob Holding, Ben White, Gabriel Magallas and others are all in front of him in the order of pecking, which means he has only played three times this season.

Now, according to Italian journalist Romano, he will move to Italian football and Udinese after the two clubs have agreed to a deal with Mali to move to Serie A until the end of the season.

He tweeted:’Udinese has completed his contract with Arsenal and signed Pablo Mali with a loan until June. A contract will be signed. 🤝🇪🇸 # AFC

Pablo Mali joins Udinese with a straight loan – no purchase options included. @DiMarzio’

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You see, I’m not saying that Maris should sit on the bench and stay in Arsenal to collect wages, but Arsenal allows him to leave this transfer window when there is a shortage of players in all areas. I’m saying you shouldn’t

Covids, injuries and many other issues have already occurred this season and Maris isn’t playing, but the Gunners Board needs to make a decision to send Maris out of the club until the end of the season.

This is not a wise move as he may need it in the next few weeks


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Arsenal and Udinese have agreed to leave Mali on loan Arsenal and Udinese have agreed to leave Mali on loan

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