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The start of the Premier League was unimaginably worst, but Arsenal recovered significantly under Mikel Arteta and defeated West Ham United in the middle of the week.

The Spaniards, with patience from their supporters, once again show that he is the right person for the job.

No one is happy because he forms a team with his own image, but no one can deny that he is getting the results and performance he wants right now.

Centered around young and hungry players, the Gunners look like the healthiest form they have for a long time, and Arteta deserves all the praise for it.

Details: From Nike to SNUB Liverpool

If people in Northern London can add one or two more important additions, there’s no reason why clubs can’t challenge the Champions League auto-qualification later in the 2021/22 Premier League season.

Obviously, not only does every target need to be of sufficient quality to improve what Arteta already has on the spot in terms of playing staff, but discipline and professionalism are key.

Calcio Mercato It suggests that the Gunners dominate Juventus’s “Arthur Melo”, which was supposed to be Barcelona’s “new Xavi”.

Unfortunately, the Brazilian’s consistent lack of professionalism soon saw him exempt. Maruka It has been reported that Arthur went out for the night he spent with Neymar, which was not uncommon and aroused the wrath of his club.

Given that Mikel Arteta has already removed Arsenal captain Pierre-Emerick Aubameyan due to his bad discipline, it is unlikely that he will open his arms and welcome Arthur.

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Arsenal can’t entertain Brazilian superstar bids Arsenal can’t entertain Brazilian superstar bids

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