Artful Escape is “like David Bowie going on a space trip and returning as Jiggy Stardust.”

Skillful escape It has long been a long-awaited event for Johnny Galvatron, the founder and designer of Beethoven & Dinosaur. While his side-scrolling platformer, a teenage musician on a fantastic journey to find and create his own stage persona, made his first debut in 2017, Galvatron is in the game. Says that it has been 38 years since it was actually created. He himself is a professional musician and lead singer of the electronic rock band The Galvatrons in the mid-2000s, but has also grown up on a video game diet since the days of the Sega Master System. He started designing his game during the Nintendo 64 era, but it wasn’t until 2012 that he finally decided to do it properly.

“”Super Brothers: Sword & Swathary EP I wanted to make an indie game for the iPad, “he says.[while] Kentucky Root Zero inspired me to think of making something for a PC. And look, things are swirling out of control and here. “

Indeed, as we learned during yesterday Annapurna interactive showcaseFor the September 9th PC, the final version of Galvatron’s Psychedelics will finally be able to power slide through heaven. Galvatron describes the game as “like David Bowie going on a space trip and returning as Jiggy Stardust,” which you can see from the beginning.

My hands-off preview session began in the idyllic fictional town of Calypso, Colorado. There, young musician Francis Vendetti struggles to find his voice on a juke-up guitar. It is called Violetta. Filled with vibrant purple shades and purple and airy blue jackets, she is in stark contrast to Francis’ stubborn folk look. But her words and shy self-confidence strike chords with Francis, and what follows, perhaps the most crazy, is the most enjoyable journey of self-discovery ever committed to video games.

Francis begins his journey in the small American town of Calypso, where his uncle Johnston is already a well-known and established musician.

When Galvatron fast forwards to an area called Heliotrom, Artful Escape really comes to life. It’s a familiar sight to anyone who perused the game’s first release in 2017, but that version of the art was put together by Galvatron himself-a “mistake” he later says-now a galactic hill. The hillside is repainted by an illustrator Arden Beckwiz, whose “serious chop” Galvatron says he “made it happen” [he’s] It’s just a shadow that stumbles in the dark. “

Francis stands on a beam of light against the Cosmic Microwave Background of Artful Escape
Galvatron’s own band was “based on the soundtrack to the 1984 Transformers movie,” he told me. “David Bowie has always been a hero. My musical taste was broader than Galvatron’s legacy and had a positive impact on the story and the project. In addition, it ran out of supply of cheesy synth riffs.” rice field.

As Francis emerged from the cave into the purple-lit forest, he stripped off his dark fur collar jacket and wore a bright blue, almost megaman-like spacesuit studded with LEDs and raised muscle pads. .. Violetta floats above him as a brighter hologram, inviting him to find a creature called “Star Gordon” heading east. If you still don’t know the direction of the game, it will certainly be for the next few seconds.

Crunching across the snow-covered undergrowth suddenly breaks the canopy, revealing a giant piercing moon at the top of a vast planet in the distance. Snow-capped mountains pierce the sky around them, and the moonlight shines on the ice at your feet. Meanwhile, the music swells in the background, and when Galvatron presses a button on the controller to flip Francis’ guitar and start shredding, it’s the most natural in the world for him to run and jump over this impossible landscape. I feel like that.

“You can shred anywhere you like,” says Galvatron. “Each world is on a different key, and when recording a different bassline than the guitar, I’ve confirmed that everything works wherever I play. Many people say that recording a guitar must be difficult. It’s been tuned to the music all the time, but it’s not really. It’s just written to be compatible and a kind of amorphous. This is a kind of dark side. It’s the rainbow. It’s your brain that associates this. It’s like chopping up the moment and the music behind it, and it’s your brain that puts it all together around music theory. “

Francis takes his guitar through the purple and blue forest of Artful Escape
Galvatron says creating a stage persona for someone else while creating an artful escape was “liberated”. “I can’t take off my cat’s suit. I want to do it, but I don’t have a pin. Most of the game is that the player creates that persona himself, so as much strangeness and splendor as possible. Costume, back It was a wonderful journey to come up with a story, a planet. “

But playing the guitar isn’t just for style points. You can also use your guitar to jump over big gaps, or slip on a huge gentle hill with your knees or hit the ground, like suddenly stepping into a psychedelic version of Alto’s Odyssey. Provides a boost. Activate the switch and, in the case of Heliotrom, turn on a small museum station set up to immortalize the planetary rock star Lightman (Carl Weathers calls out). It’s possible to spoil jumps and slides, but Galvatron ensures that the game “zooms back” and retries. “Music doesn’t stop. It’s not that kind of atmosphere.”

There is also a large boss battle style jam session. Unfortunately, I couldn’t see what was actually working during the preview session, but all of these call and response sequences are set to their own five-note music keys, which is appropriate. Sounds crazy. “People are like crazy fish bird monkey monsters jumping in space, and you chase them and jam,” he says. “They were really big musical set pieces and musically very difficult to design. […] But I’m really looking forward to seeing what people think about them. I feel like a very powerful arrangement of call and response jams. Again, you can make these mistakes at this point, but the only impact you face is the disgusting bristles from fellow jammers. “We need failed states because we want them to challenge the platform, but it doesn’t really rely on them,” says Galvatron.

Francis plays the guitar on stage and jams with fantastic coral creatures at The Artful Escape.
“NS [creature] The design has always been quite distant, “says Galvatron.

But in terms of the sound of things, the jam boss is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the inspiring combination of sight and sound that Galvatron has prepared for us. In terms of music, he tells me that each area of ​​the game has its own musical tone, which will transform and change as the game progresses. “Heliotrom has a realistic feel like Bill & Ted. In the next world, it’s less distorted, ethereal, like David Gilmour, Pink Floyd. The last one is a bit crazy. It will be a world like Talking Heads. “

Regarding the “clever” aspects of Francis’ escape, Galvatron’s account makes me itchy to see them physically. Heliotrom is in the middle of the area known as “Crazy Cosmic Extra Ordinary”, and the Weathers character Lightman runs a club known as Cosmic Lang. In space, “Galvatron said. Meanwhile, the works of the museum you meet will be read aloud by the chief officer Jason Schwartzman aloud. He is “the floating brain of an aquarium above a school of goldfish fins”. It’s a headache, but Galvatron is confident that the time and time of his recorded music will be equal to or better than what is displayed on the screen.

Francis locks out on a fantastic music stage in front of a giant purple creature of Artful Escape
The game has branch dialog options that allow you to change things like the name of the persona on stage and what yells into the mic, but Galvatron says these options are “more in the sense of Kentucky Route Zero” and tones to Francis. And say that you can add flavors. A character, not an influence on the actual story.

“We made too much music,” he laughs and admits that this is part of the reason why it took so long to finish the game (and “learn how to make a video game”. “He adds). “”[The music] Everything from big symphonic to terrible jazz. NS [also] Record the entire folk album [for the history of the game and Francis’ famous uncle], I used all sorts of synths we can think of … that was an overkill example. It was like Def Leppard in a studio in the 80’s and it took only 10 months to do a guitar solo. Don’t tell Annapurna that! “

Undoubtedly, Galvatron’s enthusiasm for the game was contagious, and everything I saw or heard during the preview session made me cry for an encore prior to the final release. Of course, if you wear a big skeptical shade for a while, it’s quite possible that Artful Escape’s crazy ambitions will collapse. The 30 minute hands-off time of the game is not long enough to make a proper call. I doubt the strength of the underlying story of self-discovery, dream pursuit, and overcoming personal stage moments. Fear will be the key to making this escape truly wonderful.

At the same time, I believe in Galvatron and his “maverick, rebel, criminal, bakery, dancer, moonwalker” band. [and] The person wearing a big scarf (yes, really) has something special here. I play music, “says Galvatron. If a glimpse of his opera galaxy’s brain so quickly taught me something during my time at Artful Escape, this is one of the things you don’t want to miss. ..

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