ARTS QOOL is now available on Nintendo Switch

Discover your inner artist at Art Sqool – Experimental games are now available on Switch.The title was created by the New York Times illustrator and Disney animator Julian Grander..

Created with the Nintendo platform in mind and taking full advantage of touchscreen capabilities, Art Sqool is now available on Switch for all gamers looking for an extraordinary experience.

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Yes, you are an artist!

Meet Frosmin, who is just starting his first year at a very unique art school. Learning from a professor who is an AI trained in neural networks and art is not every day. Also, you usually never skip all theory classes and concentrate entirely on practicing your painting skills.

What are you looking for? Explore the campus, find all the brushes and find the real artist inside you!

View Art Sqool’s first Nintendo Switch gameplay trailer

View launch trailer

Other gameplay videos are available on the RedDeerGames YouTube channel: https: //

Art Sqool is currently available at the Nintendo eShop and is available for $ 9.99 (regular price).

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ART SQOOL is now available on Nintendo Switch

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