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Aruba Announces Industry’s First Distributed Service Switch

The new CX10000 integrates security services such as firewalls directly into a single unit of network switch that can be deployed where security and other services need to be present.

Aruba CX10000 Series Distributed Service Switch

Image: Aruba

Aruba has announced a new single-unit network switch called “the industry’s first distributed service switch.” If Aruba is correct, the new CX 10000 could be a game changer for businesses that collect or utilize edge locations.

The Aruba CX 10000 was created to address a number of different issues, said William Choe, Aruba VP of the product. “Operators are moving to the public cloud, the amount of data created and processed is exploding, network models are simplified, and more people want to take advantage of hyperscaling,” Choe said. Stated.

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All these air changes mean that some of the technology is obsolete. In this case, it is the current switching and network architecture. “With the explosive growth of data center east-west traffic, centralized security appliances are inefficient, costly, and difficult to manage. Simply put, pinning traffic to appliances at the edge of the data center. That would increase performance and cost, and an operational penalty. ”

To that end, Aruba has helped the cloud company Pensando, which HP (Aruba’s parent company) has previously invested in and cooperated with. The CX 10000 uses a new Pensando ASIC called LBA to provide stateful software-defined services on a large scale inline, using what Aruba calls the only fully programmable DPU. L2 / 3 switches at a fraction of TCO. ”

With the addition of Pensando’s software on silicon, the CX 10000 will be able to perform functions such as firewall hosting, protection from DDoS attacks, NAT, encryption, load balancing, and telemetry. Incorporating all of this into a 1U switch gives you a powerful product that can be installed anywhere, significantly reducing maintenance costs, reducing energy consumption and freeing up valuable rack space.

Aruba advertises the CX 10000 as a solution to a variety of problems, as well as reducing energy consumption. You can improve bandwidth and performance by not having to hairpin traffic back to the data center (or edge location). It improves security because traffic is not sent unnecessarily long distances, and finally reduces complexity and cost by reducing the chaotic growth of appliances.

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Aruba also has a CX10000 Zero trust network.. All ports on the CX 10000 are monitored for anomalous behavior by the 800G EW Stateful Service to provide complete coverage of network traffic between switches and from inside to outside the network.

Those interested in equipping their data centers and edge locations with CX10000 routers will have to wait a few months. It will not be available until January 2022 and is not cheap. Prices start at US $ 45,000. At boot time, the switch includes accelerated stateful firewall, zero trust segmentation, ERSPAN, telemetry, and DDoS protection.

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Aruba Announces Industry’s First Distributed Service Switch Aruba Announces Industry’s First Distributed Service Switch

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