Aruba: The sun-drenched holidays of Wild Life Adventure are about to begin

Even winter gremlins like me sometimes miss the sun. Fortunately, Alba: A Wildlife Adventure offers unseasonable amounts of Vitamin D along with a nostalgic summer vacation. Ustwo’s latest release this week is a lovely little island holiday filled with bird watching, activity, and bringing life back to this devastated old coastal town. Pack sunscreen, kids.

I’m a little confused as to why your Weepal was named after Bonnie All Scotland’s Gaelic. I’m sure it has some plot importance when her Da goes to Tap Ahu on the beach or something.

Aruba’s adventure is like a starting point for Ustwo, dropping a toy-like diorama in Monument Valley and doing assemble with care for a more ambitious tropical open world. Leaving home with his grandparents, Aruba found an idyllic town in the shrine. With her friend Ines, birdwatching grandpa, and an ever-growing army of local volunteers, she helps the town clean up the place by building bridges, cleaning up graffiti, and pushing beach dolphins back into the ocean. I will.

Or you can just walk around and absorb the atmosphere. Ustwo calls the game “chillect athon”, allowing you to explore handmade islands at your own pace. There’s a wilderness full of creatures to catalog, and I’m taking a walk trying to take pictures of all of them to regain the developer’s own vague childhood summer. It may be in the middle of winter, but what’s the harm in the little sun to brighten the miserable December?

Aruba: Wild Life Adventure is now available on Steam with a 20% launch discount of £ 10.79 / € 13.59 / $ 13.59. I think it seems like a good way to spend a long and lazy afternoon.

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Alba: A Wildlife Adventure’s sun-soaked holiday is out now

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