Aruba: Wild Life Adventure Review

return. From time to time, I break the clock apart and fix it. It only takes a few minutes. Back plate with 4 screws and engraved “I always love you”. The gold and silver cracked movement. Face, untouched, shattered crystal. It’s a vibrant business and very easy to hear. It prevents the driver’s busy whirlwind, the dance of the China Cup screws from escaping, the watch itself rushes back and forth, and so many parts mesh to create something completely. Restoration, the game says, and in some quiet ways … this is the joy and privilege of fixing things.

At Ustwo’s Assembly with Care, watches are more than just watches. It is also the key to the relationship between the watch owner and the person who gave the watch. UsTwo’s next game, Alba: A Wildlife Adventure, is a birdwatching event on a beautiful Catalan island. Birds are more than just birds. They are the first interaction with nature and the beginning of a journey that leads to clearing up the place and beginning to understand it. There’s talk of collecting signatures to stop luxury hotels built in nature reserves, but the real story is one of re-engagement. You begin to notice the natural world and reveal different parts of it. You try to recover. Again, the joy and privilege of fixing things.

Pinar del Mar is a wonderfully cozy open world, but it’s also a Spanish holiday island of dreams for everyone: small enough to live in the heart, but churches, old forts, farmlands, lakes and town centres. Various cafes and shops, bleached promenades, etc. Flamingo inflatables are tied to metal racks sold by the sea, while real flamingos stagger inland reeds and pierce the stems. There is a forest where trees cast cool shadows on the sand. Some cats are rolling in the heat and taking a nap under a faded canopy.

I’ve been to places like this and I’m really happy to recognize it. Every detail is beautifully observed, from the rebar protruding from the two-story concrete columns of the semi-finished house to the plastic tables around the ice cream parlor. In Aruba, young children on the island can explore all of this for the first time to visit their grandparents in the summer.

More Fun Observations: A dreamy emoji smirk moving from one side of the face to the other, the Muppets and Schultz cartoon cross that looks like the uncontrollable smile of Aruba’s best friend Ines. A trot run from one goal to the next always loses focus, interrupts a short skip, and then returns to the run-it’s easy to get distracted while on the move. Perfect.

Aruba and Ines are the stars here, a duo dedicated to caring for the island’s wildlife as well as blocking the mayor’s devastating development plans. This is performed as a series of missions, usually involving moving to a specific location on the map to help people, but it doesn’t feel like a series of missions. It feels like a series of good deeds that come naturally.

And they are all handled with a simple and nice sense of reward. When you throw the trash in the trash, you can tap the buttons on the controller at your own pace and enjoy the heart emoji that indicates you’re done. It has the mechanical rewards of a pinball machine and somehow it fits. After repairing the birdhouse, you will see fresh crew members flying in. Putting in a bird seed container is just as lively and satisfying. Repairing aisles or closing gaps in fences is just a push of a button, but it always feels like a tricky task. Animation has some kind of moral hustle and bustle. If that makes sense, what is this, then it, and then what? Each good deed generally gives you another signature for your petition, but that’s all the joy of it, you’ll do it anyway.


At the core of all this is wildlife. Your main task is to catalog island birds, rabbits, donkeys, mostly birds by taking pictures using the photo app and identifying each creature. The local wildlife commission has scraped off the photos that need to be replaced, but it’s also nice to be able to recognize the calls in the air and the shape of the birds on the wings. At some point, I wanted to provide a clear and beautiful comedy of Glossy ibis and the bird in question, its kitchen hook neck and potluck grin with a beak lever, and all the sense of connection you would get from a real bird. Sent to-spotting. I got rich, and it was just a crested ibis. When I saw the kingfisher, I almost gasped-a real, non-genuine kingfisher! A flame perched on the fence. I love the fact that in-game snaps are often blurry rather than neat silhouettes.The truth of the bird is that Move

All of these animals are happy when knocking. If you’re flapping with oil or trapped in shrink-wrap handcuffs from an idle 6-pack, it’s impossible to jump in and help. Again, it’s all easy to do with the push of a button, but you can do it anyway. It’s an open world and you rarely feel like you’re doing something purely to check them out.

I think learning the names of things is the beginning of something. The beginning of focusing on the neglected world. Aruba may simplify the business of taking care of nature and defeating real estate developers, but this central point is perfectly correct. The first step is to understand. From here, the restoration of clocks, nature reserves and islands begins. The story here takes a few days to unfold, and when the story is complete, the entire map opens. I wanted to go home and was made to think of the mysterious luck of making such a game at such a time. When did development begin?

Think of an old Spanish holiday as you roam around Pinar del Mar, chasing the last bird, such as when you visit the cactus sanctuary, a parrot habitat called Stuart. Modernista Cemetery. And this spring afternoon, when I went for a government-mandated walk in South Downs behind my house, the birdsong suddenly stopped. Like a satellite. I looked around and saw it. Kestrel, as I learned later, at that moment it was a dim ghost of rusty feathers that quietly coasted over distant grass.

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