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Here’s a place to check and comment on the results along with new episodes of AEW dynamite, Will be broadcast on TNT at 8 pm ET tonight.

Check us out Wednesday morning preview post To catch up with the process leading up to tonight’s show and what we are looking forward to.

This week’s Holiday Bash Show comes from the Greensboro Coliseum in Greensboro, North Carolina. CM Punk and MJF will be the first time Punk has teamed up with Sting & Darby Allin to play a trio action against Maxwell Jacob Friedman and his Pinnacle teammate FTR. The first finalists of the TBS title tournament will be determined when Nyra Rose and Ruby Soho fight one-on-one. One or two debuts were seen as Adam Cole confronted Orange Cassidy and Glyph Garrison chased Malakai Black. In addition, Dr. Britt Baker and Tony Schiavone will have a Christmas party with a huge announcement from Tony Khan.

Please come back here at 8 pm (Eastern Time). dynamite When the show starts on TNT, the live blog will start. Here it is below this line.

Enjoy the show!

AEW dynamite December results and live blog. twenty two

I think I’m drowning and suffocating. I want to break this spell you made. You are beautiful, a contradiction, but am I? I’m here to live blog this professional wrestling show for you guys.

Adam Cole vs. Orange Cassidy

Cassidy draws a line on the mat and Cole approaches him and does “Adam Cole, Bay Bay!”. Orange will grab your hand and stuff it in your pocket! Headlock hijacking from there, Adam reverses with one of his own pin counters, a big arm drag from Cassidy, a side press, no!

Another headlock hijacking, reversal reversal, edgy orange, and finally a stalemate! Gear shift, wristlock replacement, call with snapmare to reverse chin lock! Turn it upside down on the headlock, shoot it down, and press it again and again for two people! Cassidy aims at the pin, slides back towards the whip, blocks upside down, up and down, and a lung blower connects!

Cole follows up with a hard whip, raises his elbows, activates, and cuts off the orange with his palm with a turnbuckle! Cassidy competing for position on the turnbuckle pushes him down and follows with a diving crossbody! Remove the rope and tilt the DDT … no!

Brandon Cutler comes down and Cassidy takes him out with a superkick, The Young Bucks are here and the best friends even have odds! Orange jumps into them, Chuck and Trent fight Matt and Nick, backing up the aisle! Adam throws Cassidy into the steel stairs several times, but the sidesteps force Cole to put his knees hard on the stairs and we go to break.

Returning from the commercial, both men go low, swap strikes on their knees and feet, Cassidy flags, but doesn’t fail and throws a lazy kick! Duck under, super kick, orange rally, but Adam can forge him, roll through, super kick! Cassidy goes to Suplex and Cole goes back to the knee brainbuster … very close!

Firefighter Carrie, Orange fights, removes the rope and hits a pump kick, Suplex … STUNDOG MILLIONAIRE COUNTERS! Flare flip, Cassidy, diving DDT … ADAM COLE KICKS OUT! Cole hits Ushigoroshi, basement boots, Panama Sunrise blocked, small package, Michinoku driver, Orange Cassidy still can’t finish the match!

Wearing glasses, Cassidy goes up and puts his hand in his pocket … Adam Cole kicks him out of the air with a superkick! PANAMA SUNRISE connects, but the lazy pin shoots an orange kick! Draw Cassidy’s duck with orange on top, kneepad down, rope off … Beach Break But Cole doesn’t stop between the three!

Bobby Fish comes to the ringside and yells at referee Bryce Lensberg to perform the interference … Kyle O’Reilly is here! AX AND SMASH! Call off the rope …

Adam Cole wins in a pinfall with the boom.

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As a result of AEW Dynamite, live blog (December 22, 2021): Holiday Bash As a result of AEW Dynamite, live blog (December 22, 2021): Holiday Bash

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