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Athletics announced on Monday that they claimed right-handedness Michael feliz Turned off the Red Sox exemption and specified a catcher to clear the roster space Aramis Garcia For allocation.Boston has designated Feliz as a mission On Friday..

28-year-old Feliz divided the season into Pirates, Red Sox and Reds. He pitched pretty well for the previous two, but thanks to the 12 runs allowed in the 6 2/3 frame with Cincinnati, his ERA this year is unacceptable 7.32. In the Red Sox, he tied his opponent to a four-hit pair run and a five-strikeout walk to the 5 1/3 inning. He also spent more than two months in the 2021 campaign on the injured list due to elbow problems.

Feliz recorded an impressive 30.5% strikeout and 3.99 ERA in Pittsburgh in 2019 with 561/3 innings, but command issues and arm injuries hindered him throughout his big league career. rice field. He missed time with a shoulder and forearm injury before this year’s elbow trouble. With a 246 1/3 MLB inning between Houston, Pittsburgh, Cincinnati and Boston, Feliz, who hits hard, owns 5.33 ERA with a 30% strikeout rate and a 9.8% walk rate. He also has over 5 years of experience in Major League Baseball Service Thailand. That is, no option can be given to a minor without his consent.

28-year-old Garcia came by A Elvis Andrus In the off-season transaction you sent Chris Davis And catcher Jonaheim To Texas. It was a financially motivated swap for both parties, but the Rangers appear to have gotten the better of the two swap-related backstops. Garcia struggled with the .205 / .239 / .318 batting line this season. This is the first return from surgery to repair a torn lip in the lower back in February 2020.

Garcia was a little more productive with the Triple A, but his .268 / .323 / .393 were about 23% below the league average production in an aggressive setting, as measured by wRC +. Is shown. Garcia will be out of the minor league options in 2022, but teams around the league always need to grab depth, so if he hits Waver in response to this DFA, another club could give him a chance. there is. He was a career .268 / .333 / .448 batter in part of the Triple A three season and posted a .286 / .308 / .492 batting line with 65 at bats as a Giants rookie in 2018. bottom.

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A’s claim Michael Feliz nominates Aramis Garcia A’s claim Michael Feliz nominates Aramis Garcia

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