As mentioned above, the following description of the twisted ending of hell

Found footage horror “As Above, So Below” takes the protagonist on a literally hellish journey. The meaning behind the twist is as follows:

As above, as follows A confusing but clever horror movie – this is about its hellish twist ending. As above, as follows The sixth feature of director John Erick Dowdle, similar to his previous film Poughkeepsie tape When quarantine, It’s a found footage horror. That sub-genre often receives bad rap from all horror fans. It’s worth some, but Daudre has proven to be one of the best practitioners of found footage.Unlike those movies As above, as follows To understand it correctly, some background knowledge is required in the fields of alchemy and the literature of the Italian poet Dante.

Plot As above, as follows Alchemy Student Scarlet (Private detective Magnum Perdita Weeks) and her mission to find the Philosopher’s Stone. Harry potter Fans may recall that the stone is an object that appears to have been discovered by the French alchemist Nicholas Flamel in 2014.NS A century with the power to immortalize and turn metal into gold and silver. Scarlett follows in the footsteps of his deceased father. The father committed suicide because he tried to find it, but the facts of the sign do not put off her.

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After discovering that the stone is in a claustrophobic catacomb under Paris, Scarlet joins her accompanying team, including the old Flame George ().Super store Ben Feldman), cameraman Benji (Edwin Hodge), French guide Papillon (François Civil) and his companion Zedd (Alimachar). While they are exploring the catacombs, Dante’s poems enter into an equation and things begin to get freaky.Basically, the group journey reflects the plot of Dante’s Inferno – The first and most easily known part of his epic Divine Comedy..of Inferno, The narrator (Dante himself) has to go into hell and move down the nine circles to escape and find salvation. Like Dante, As above, as follows You have to move down the catacombs at various stages representing the nine circles and recognize your sins to escape. Some of them can’t do this, so when Papillon faces his sinful past and claims he hasn’t been blamed, he will die. Sometimes it is much better to take responsibility for bad deeds than to deny them.

Perdita Weeks as above

By the end of As above, as follows Only three people remain, George Zed, who was seriously injured, and Scarlet, who thinks he has a stone. Zed’s sin is focused on having a son he has never seen, and for George it is about the role he played in the accidental death of his brother. There are two sins of Scarlet. She stole the Philosopher’s Stone, not responding to her father’s call for help before her father committed suicide. Scarlet realized that he had to correct his sins in order to escape, so he hurried through the catacombs and returned to where he found it. In the process, she also finds that there are no physical stones. Rather, its power lies with the viewer of the stone (ie Scarlet), depending on the stone and her belief in herself.

With this knowledge, Scarlet brings the injured George back from the brink of death.Remaining survivors As above, as follows They then confess their sins, pass through manholes, and then appear on the topside on the streets of Paris. This refers to what one of the emergences of catacombs told them earlier-the only way is down.It didn’t make sense at first, as going down and down to get back to the surface seemed counterproductive, but it’s also the way Dante escaped. Inferno – Just passing through the circle of hell, he is back on Earth. As above, as follows Far from the first (or last) horror movie with Dante Inferno As a guide in creating that story, few people have done it creatively or faithfully.

At the center As above, as follows A movie about redemption and faith, Dante’s Inferno To understand that point. Perhaps many hated it because it’s not the simplest movie, but the end of its twist, the fascinating portrayal of hell, and nodding to Dante, it says more than most. It’s a horror movie. It’s also one of the more valuable entries into the found footage sub-genre, proving that the unique limitations of that style can be overcome by interesting stories and skilled directors.

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As mentioned above, the following description of the twisted ending of hell

https://screenrant.com/as-above-so-below-movie-ending-explained-hell/ As mentioned above, the following description of the twisted ending of hell

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