As the game sales statistics have been released, the PS5 will pass 10 million units sold.Continuing shortage

Despite the global semiconductor shortage, Sony PlayStation 5 sold more than 10 million units as of July 18. This made it the best-selling PlayStation console ever in the same period after its launch, surpassing the initial sales of the PS4 and PS3. , PS2, and all other PlayStations.

Sony made this announcement less than a day after Microsoft announced that the Xbox Series X | S was the best-selling Xbox console platform in its history. Microsoft doesn’t share hardware sales data for the Xbox console, but analyst Daniel Ahmad estimates that Series X | S has sold 6.5 million units.

Sony has also released some new sales and player data for recent popular games.

  • Spider-Man: Miles Morales currently sells over 6.5 million copies.
  • MLB The Show 21 has sold over 2 million copies on all platforms, reaching a total of over 4 million players.
  • Returnal sold 560,000 copies.

Notably, MLB The Show 21’s total player count is undoubtedly double sales, thanks to the Xbox Game Pass. With a major shakeup of the series, Sony introduced the game to the Xbox platform this year and is included in the Xbox Game Pass.

Regarding Returnal, Sony recently announced that it has acquired developer Housemarque. This makes it “bigger and more ambitious” for the next game.

In a statement, SIE President Jim Ryan thanked the fans for supporting the PS5 so far. He also warned that a continuing shortage is expected as demand for PS5 continues to outpace supply.

“We cannot fully express our deep gratitude to the passionate community of PlayStation fans who have adopted PS5 and the world-class development and publishing partners who brought such a great gaming experience to the platform. “Ryan said.

“The PS5 reached more households faster than any console ever, but it still needs a lot of work as the demand for the PS5 continues to outpace the supply. Gamers have unique challenges around the world. I want you to know that we continue to face. Improving inventory levels is SIE’s top priority as it affects our industry and many other industries. “

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