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Alienation of students with marginalized backgrounds can be obtained from a variety of campus-wide sources, such as undergraduate, student majors and programs, workplaces, or representatives within the general student body.

For students identifying Asians, Asian Americans, and Pacific Islanders, UConn’s Ascend chapter, part of North America’s largest non-profit organization for pan-Asian business professionals, makes home-like homes. Offers. Culturally competent career development for communities, representatives within business schools, and their members is part of this organization.

Lauren Deleon, Vice President of Marketing at UConn, shared insights into the organization and the value it adds to the campus community.

“Ascends are important to the on-campus business community for a variety of reasons. First, there is a stereotype about Asians in business. AAPI experts seem to be well represented and we are very hired. Being and high-paying, prejudice against our community makes us less likely to hold leadership positions. We are considered a “model minority”, but C- Suite has few Asian leaders. Only 2% of C-level roles are held by AAPI people. We have the stereotype that we do not have outstanding leadership skills. Ascend is needed on campus to give and empower Asian and Asian American discriminating students. “

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Lauren also shared a unique attribute about Ascend as an organization on our campus. They “because they look like them and provide representatives to students with similar backgrounds. We represent people in Pan-Asianism, East Asia, Southeast Asia, South Asia, and everyone in between. It’s important because not all clubs have that range. There are diverse groups of members representing different backgrounds.

Ascend provided me with opportunities for career development and also provided a community of like-minded people here at UConn. It gave me the ability to practice leadership skills as a member of the E-Board, first as Vice President of Internal Affairs and then as Vice President of Marketing. It also gave me a great opportunity to develop my career. Being a national organization, it has connected with other Ascend chapters at various universities, giving them the opportunity to attend job fairs, networking and speaker events. “

Thanks to Ascend, Lauren for sharing his insights with UConn and your own experience!

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Ascend, UConn AAPI Student Attribution – UConn Center for Career Development Ascend, UConn AAPI Student Attribution – UConn Center for Career Development

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