Ascent An Action-RPG will be available in 2021 on Xbox Series X, Xbox One and PC

TAction RPG Multiplayer The Ascent will be available in 2021 on Xbox Series X / S, Xbox One and PC.

Ascent An Action-RPG will be available in 2021 on Xbox Series X, Xbox One and PC

Multiplayer action RPG Ascent Indie developer Neon Giant announced today with a short video showing various features of the game, including co-op, narrative-driven adventure, and classic RPG mechanics. The title is set in a science fiction world where a self-contained, corporate-owned metropolis is filled with many creatures from all over the galaxy.

For some reason, the Ascent Group needs to be closed, the struggle to survive has begun, and rival companies and criminal syndicates are moving forward. The player acts as a defense and tries to stop the invading enemy.

The Xbox Game Pass is a great suggestion for us as a small indie developer with a team of only 11 people to allow more players around the world to experience our game. To celebrate this exciting news, we wanted to solidify the game’s position in the 2021 next-generation lineup by revealing what players can experience at launch.

Neon Giant Art Director and Co-Founder, Thor Flick.

Ascent offers both single-player and co-op experiences with up to four players. This game is action-packed with SFRPG settings.

You can see the trailer and official features below.

  • Free roaming playstyle in the world of cyberpunk-inspired dystopia
  • A classic RPG mechanic that allows players to build characters such as cyberware, augmentation, and looting
  • An unprecedented sense of verticality in the world with different levels and platforms identifiable within play
  • Double Aim Mechanic allows players to take advantage of the full screen and choose from multiple targets anywhere in the environment
  • A story-driven adventure that can be played in single and up to 4 co-op modes

Ascent was revealed when the Xbox Inside game title was revealed in May. This is a preview of a top-down shooter with fast-paced action that takes full advantage of cyberpunk aesthetics.

Ascent It will be released on the Xbox Series X / S, Xbox One and PC in 2021.

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