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ASCM launches warehouse certification program

To meet the growing needs of warehouse workers nationwide, the Supply Chain Management Association (ASCM) Warehouse certification program started, Logistics Developed in partnership with real estate giant Prologis. According to both companies, this effort aims to fill a record number of current and future warehousing operations and provide workers with a solid foundation for their careers in logistics. The number of workers in the warehousing and logistics industry across the country has reached record levels and is expected to increase significantly over the next few years. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the US warehousing and storage sector, as well as the transportation, warehousing, and related sectors, had 1.4 million workers, making it the second highest employment growth sector in the United States during August. — By 2029, 600,000 new stores are expected to open. Eshkenage. “In addition, the industry needs to move from just-in-time to just-in-case, resulting in more warehouses than ever before. The skills covered by this program are supply chain expertise inside and outside the warehouse. Essential for homes. ”The ASCM program is aimed at entry-level and middle-level warehouse workers, but for professionals and supply chain areas already engaged in procurement, purchasing, supplier relationship management, or contract management. It is also suitable for individuals who are considering entering the market. There are no prerequisites for a program consisting of a 20-hour online self-study course and a final exam. “The ongoing labor shortage is causing havoc in the supply chain and communities across the country. The program provides job seekers with a solid foundation for starting their logistics careers and is competitive in the employment market. “It brings us an edge,” said Stephen Hussein, vice president of workforce programs and community relations at Prologis, in a statement. “This is a real-life curriculum designed with the feedback of industry leaders. This program helps logistics companies find the talent they need to keep growing and meet the evolving demands of the modern economy. increase.”

ASCM launches warehouse certification program ASCM launches warehouse certification program

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