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Cricket Australia faces a multi-million dollar dilemma after confirming that Western Australia is not upset by its strict quarantine stance.

A week after the ashes, Cricket Australia faced a multi-million dollar challenge after confirming that Western Australia Prime Minister Mark Magawan was not upset by a strict quarantine stance.

McGowan repeated it, as new Omicron variants could cause havoc. All players and staff must be subject to strict quarantine conditions for 14 days After arriving in Perth for the fifth test scheduled to begin on January 14th.

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“We have set very strict rules,” McGowan said on Tuesday.

“So we told them,’We need 14 days of quarantine,’ and that needs to be true for all broadcast and cricket staff.

“They don’t just bring their wives and girlfriends. They have the same rules we have set for AFL.

“It’s up to them whether they want to keep those rules.”

McGowan had previously claimed to be confident that the final test would take place at Optus Stadium, but the chances of Perth hosting a monumental opportunity diminished following his latest declaration. doing.

Christina Matthews, CEO of the Western Australian Cricket Association, said this week that Perth’s prospects for hosting a final ash test dropped from 97% to 50%.

According to News Corp, MCG is also a candidate for Sydney, Hobart and Canberra as a few favorites (potentially as day and night fixtures) to host the fifth test.

Last month, Tasmania officially bid to poach a fifth test from Perth amid concerns over player quarantine arrangements.

“I think the Western Australian government is currently scrambling a bit and if it can be tested, it will provide some sort of quarantine light,” Tasmania’s Prime Minister Peter Gutwein said in November. rice field.

“Even if you remove and change the rules so they can take the test, the border rules mean that thousands of people can’t see the test live, like Tasmania. I think there are some very powerful cases to push. “

Hobart is arguably the most suitable candidate — the Blundstone Arena hasn’t hosted a test match for over five years — CA’s desire for profits in the Covid-19 era can have a significant impact on the final decision.

according to AgeDepending on the venue selected in the final test, there could be a $ 17 million revenue gap.

The report suggests that MCG could generate up to $ 22 million in ash testing, while it could raise about $ 5 million in Hobart’s game.

Earlier this week, MCC CEO Stuart Fox said: 3AW A radio where the curator prepared the second pitch on the MCG deck.

“We’re never cheeky about these things because we’ve lost two grand finals and don’t like to see other states pinch content, but we’re ready if needed.” He said.
“If Cricket Australia accidentally calls you and says,” I need to host a second test, “I’m ready.

“I talked to Nick Hockley and said that if any of the states had problems with the border closure, he said there was a spare pitch there. I’m happy to help.”

On Wednesday, Prime Minister Peter Gutwein claimed that Tasmania was the “best place” state to host the fifth ash test.

“The Tasmanian Government has told Todd Greenberg, CEO of the Australian Cricket Players Association, how well both Australian and British cricket players and how well our state is in hosting test matches. I’m writing to share, “he said in a statement.

“The Government of Western Australia has revealed that the location of the 5th Ash Test Match will not open by January 14th (scheduled start date), when it is suspected.

“Tasmania has a strong case of welcoming players, executives and travel fans without changing quarantine requirements or rules for a great game.

“It’s the first time England has a test match in Tasmania, and this event will be another important step in the big cricket competition between the two countries.

“Providing elite sports content for Tasmanians is an important priority for the Tasmanian Free Government, which not only provides great economic boost to Tasmania, but also the channel it provides to local sportsmen and women. Because there is. “

Meanwhile, cricket journalist Peter Lalor has suggested that Australian cricket players, especially those who participated in the winning T20 World Cup campaign, will be willing to be isolated again this summer.

“The players were rewarded for winning the World Cup in a two-week quarantine in Queensland, but they weren’t doing very well with them,” he said. SEN Morning..

“They said they would be free people when they came back to New South Wales or Victoria. They just appeared yesterday.

“I’ve heard them say,’I haven’t had another hour of quarantine. I haven’t done this summer.”

“There’s a lot of piles and broadcasters don’t want to go there either. Even if Cricket Australia hasn’t made their decision, it will be supplemented for them.”

English wicket keeper talking to reporters on Tuesday Jos Buttler argued that family comfort was a top priority For touring teams.

“Taking the family here was a big part of the first round of negotiations. We want to allow them to travel with us,” he said.

“I don’t know if I can move on the interstate, but I don’t know why families in the bubble can’t move with us.”

The first test between Australia and the United Kingdom will begin in Gaba on Wednesday, December 8th.

— Alex Konrad, NCA NewsWire

Initially published as follows “Insults of All Insults”: Cricket Australia’s $ 17 Million Ash Conundrum

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Ash 2021: Perthtest Match, Cricket After Mark Magawan’s Remarks Australia’s $ 17 Million Conundrum, Hobart, Cricket News Ash 2021: Perthtest Match, Cricket After Mark Magawan’s Remarks Australia’s $ 17 Million Conundrum, Hobart, Cricket News

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