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And (both boasting a prize of US $ 1 million) are called the “Phuket Series of Asian Tour” and will be part of a series of four events that conclude the 2020-21 season.

The former will be performed at the Blue Canyon Country Club from November 25th to 28th, and the latter will be performed at Laguna Golf Phuket from December 2nd to 5th.

Restoring public confidence, welcoming international tourists and supporting international events and sporting tourism are at the top of their priority list.

“Influencing the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on Thailand and other countries, the Thai government has regained public confidence in many domestic projects, including sports tourism activities with strict precautions for health and safety. We prioritized what we did, “said Siraphop Duangsodsri, an advisor to the Minister of Tourism and Sports.

“In addition, the Ministry of Tourism and Sports, the Thai Sports Authority and related organizations will work together to hold international sporting events, and Thailand is preparing to hold tournaments in central and regional government agencies, especially in tourist destinations such as Phuket Province. Thailand has also raised public health safety requirements to international standards to welcome tourists after the COVID-19 crisis has been resolved. “

One of the event partners, Sports Authority of Thailand, is also excited about the opportunities the event brings.

Dr. Nittaya Kerjungtuk, Secretary-General of the Professional Sports Committee of the Sports Authority of Thailand, said: “The Thai Sports Authority has consistently supported national and international sporting events, especially in terms of the effectiveness of hosting sporting events in the current situation of COVID-19. Top international golfers are these. The fact that we signed up to compete in two golf tournaments in Thailand demonstrates the success of Thai professional golf and the international acceptance of our precautions. “

2019 Order of Merit Champion Jazz Janewattananond has confirmed that he will be competing in an event in Phuket. Currently ranked 5th on the merit list, the Thai star aims to be the first player in the history of the tour to win the crown of merit in a row.

“We are confident that these two events will help Thailand as a whole and boost Phuket’s economy in a variety of ways, including hotel and restaurant business and local employment,” said Phuket Lieutenant Governor Pishe Panapon. Stated.

“More importantly, these sporting events demonstrate the effectiveness of the Phuket Sandbox Program, which promotes the preparation of the province of Phuket and maintains the safety standards of public health while welcoming and caring for tourists. This gives visitors confidence in the island’s natural features, artistic and cultural destinations, and the unique way of life that tourists from all over the world dream of experiencing. It can be planted. “

Following the Christmas and New Year breaks in January, the tour plans to hold two more tournaments in a row in Singapore.

This will allow the tour to complete the Order of Merit and win the Order of Merit Champion.

All four tournaments will be broadcast live on television and details will be announced shortly.

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Asian Tour Phuket Series Authorities “Joined Hands” Asian Tour Phuket Series Authorities “Joined Hands”

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