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The two Asian Tour winners participated in both the Blue Canyon Phuket Championship and the Laguna Phuket Championship. This is two consecutive US $ 1 million events called the “Phuket Series of Asian Tour”.

The former will be performed at the Blue Canyon Country Club from November 25th to 28th, and the latter will be performed at Laguna Golf Phuket from December 2nd to 5th.

Prom returned from Japan about a week ago and quarantined in the sandbox of Phuket. This gave me the freedom to play Blue Canyon and Laguna Golf Phuket twice.

“I haven’t played the Blue Canyon since the 2007 Johnnie Walker Classic,” said Prom, who attended a virtual press conference for the Asian Tour Phuket series today.

“The Canyon course hasn’t changed much. It’s always a good course. It’s going to be fun. You really have to be careful with your tee shots as the trees are lined up. Also, since the 2009 tie-open. I didn’t play in Laguna Phuket. They changed a lot of greens there. It’s very tricky, small and very sloppy, but there are still plenty of birdie opportunities. “

Coupled with the fact that he is from the seaside town of Hua Hin, he is called “Big Dolphin” because of his muscular frame.

As well documented, Prom spent late last year and early 2021 recovering from the rupture of the appendix, which took five months to fully recover.

By the time he entered Japan in September, he was playing really well, but it was a disappointing result.

The Thai star said: “It’s hard to find a place to practice there, so after the tournament I didn’t practice for three days and my game was interrupted. It was a pretty tough time in Japan. And the course is pretty tight and narrow. I Was still okay, but not as good as I expected. I had a good short game, but the grass was different, so I had to spend more time practicing. “

After hearing that the Asian Tour was scheduled to resume, the 37-year-old decided to pack up and go home.

Added prom: “I felt it made sense to go back and prepare for the Phuket series. I think it was a good idea for me to do that.”

This week he will also aim to win the Shinha Pattaya Open for the fifth time on all Thai golf tours. He then plays at the 1991-winning Thai Open and Shinhaesan Open, where his father, Stap Mesawat, won.

“I’ll be off for three weeks in a row and two weeks before Phuket,” said Prom, who lost three sudden death playoffs on the Asian Tour.

“It’s good to have some tournaments in preparation for the Phuket series. It’s a very good sign that the Asian Tour is back. We still know we have to worry about COVID. Everyone is looking forward to coming back and meeting each other. It’s very positive that the tour comes back and gets stronger again. “

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Asian Tour Phuket Series ROM Harry’s Home Asian Tour Phuket Series ROM Harry’s Home

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