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Ask Tony: You won’t get a £ 5,000 cruise refund after the company goes bankrupt

My husband and I paid £ 4,693.20 for a cruise to the Azores. I was planning to travel on March 24th last year, but it was canceled on March 20th due to Covid.

On July 21, last year, our travel agency Cruise & Maritime Voyage (part of South Key Travel & Leisure) went into operation.

I submitted a request to ABTA [the UK’s trade association for travel agents and tour operators]..

Game of blame: Barclays Bank refused to refund couples cash after their dream £ 5,000 Azores cruise was canceled for Covid

Since I paid with my Barclays debit card, I need to apply for a refund from the bank through a dispute process called chargeback.

Barclays refused. ABTA needs to know the reason for the refusal before considering a refund. Barclays has ignored the request for a letter of explanation.

Last November 6th, we turned to the financial ombudsman for help. However, due to a large number of incidents caused by the pandemic, it was not possible to appoint an agent.

MV, Bexley, Southeast London.

Tony Hazel’s reply: Book and travel with confidence, says the ABTA website.

Now, the idea that the ABTA logo is a short route to holiday protection has been blown away by Covid’s cancellation.

Various sectors of the travel industry have interconnected claims and clients.

Although aerial vacation is the responsibility of ATOL [a financial protection scheme operated by the Civil Aviation Authority] If the company fails, ABTA will cover non-flight-based holidays.

But read that little print, which says travelers must use chargeback if they pay with a debit or credit card.

So I think it’s justified to ask, what’s the point of ABTA?

When I tried to charge back via the bank, the banks of Barclays, Cruise & Maritime Voyages returned the request.

The first payment of £ 154 was credited. However, the third party bank refused the other three payments, saying you are protected by ABTA.

Your attempt to get more information from Barclays got the impression that Cruise & Maritime Voyage is still open to those who responded, even though you told them they stopped trading. I was frustrated because it looked like I was there.

The advice that you contact the company directly suggests that you received a “cut and paste” response from a staff member who did not read your letter correctly. As a result, there was a stalemate between ABTA, which instructed them to request a chargeback, and the Cruise & Maritime Voyages bank, which claimed they needed to use ABTA.

Barclays admits that there was enough information to intervene to resolve the issue and escalate the dispute. The remaining £ 4,539.20 and £ 277.24 indemnity interest was refunded. There was also a £ 150 bailout as an apology.

By the way, interest is deducted from the basic tax. If your total savings interest this year is less than £ 1,000, you may be able to use Form R40 to recover £ 69 tax from HMRC.

An ABTA spokesman said: “Customers who book a protected package are entitled to a refund if the ABTA Tour Operator fails financially.”

That may be true, but there are many complaints from Cruise & Maritime Voyages customers who are struggling to get a chargeback or a refund from ABTA. A spokesman for the Financial Ombudsman Service said: “We apologize for not being able to respond promptly to this complaint.”

Last year, we received nearly 280,000 complaints and resolved nearly 250,000.

Phantom 8 Hours Talk Talk cost me £ 163

I called the shipping company’s 0330 customer service number from my Talk Talk mobile phone. Talk Talk claimed £ 163, claiming the call lasted eight hours.

Talk How can you think of Talk as a customer using customer service over an 8-hour phone call?

Talk Talk requested immediate payment and blocked my wife’s call even though my phone called me.

AG, Edgware, North London.

Tony Hazel’s reply: 8 hours seems a little too long. But, of course, no one looks at the bill to determine if it makes sense.It’s a computer rule

Talk Talk amortizes £ 163 as a goodwill gesture and my wife’s phone is working.

Is my husband’s old bond worth anything?

My husband died last February.

While sorting his dissertation, I found some old Axa Equity & Law distribution bonds in his name.

Since then, I’ve been trying to get a response from Aviva, which has taken over the investment in Axa Equity & Law.

I was told that the record could not be found, but I will investigate. I haven’t heard anything for several months.

VC, Salisbury, Wiltshire.

Tony Hazel’s reply: These bonds seem to have been monetized over 20 years ago. Aviva accepts and apologizes for what it needs to create to convey this.

A spokeswoman said: “We are sending some flowers as a gesture of good intentions.”

Straight to the point

I insured my car at BeWiser in October 2014 and canceled the insurance the following January.

The company said I would be refunded £ 113, but I never received the money.

Via DB, email.

The refund to the old bank card was mistakenly made. The insurance company said it hadn’t contacted you until September of this year, but is currently refunding any unpaid premiums.

*** ***

The three of us and I were planning to stay at the Warner Leisure Hotel in Cricket Saint Thomas, Somerset in August.

After one of our parties was diagnosed with cancer, we had to cancel one month before the trip.

A refund was promised, but it has not been paid and no one has responded.

Via LW and email.

A spokesman for the company apologizes for the delay blaming inquiries from very high levels of customers. We are currently processing a full refund of £ 1,326.

*** ***

When I shopped at Sainsbury’s, I was told I had £ 17 Nectar card points, but I could only spend £ 15.

When I called the company helpline, I was told that my balance was £ 50. What’s happening?

VH, Maesteg, Wales.

Sainsbury’s doesn’t know why you were told you had £ 17 worth of points when you had £ 50. However, you will not be able to use it until you activate the card. The supermarket will contact you to explain how to do this.

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Ask Tony: You won’t get a £ 5,000 cruise refund after the company goes bankrupt Ask Tony: You won’t get a £ 5,000 cruise refund after the company goes bankrupt

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