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Aspen Ladd think Miesha TateHer criticism of her was for personal gain.

Aspen Ladd is not yet Protecting yourself from criticism threw her way. Following her last outing UFC Vegas 40, she made some judgments from fans and the media for the way her coach / boyfriend spoke to her during the fight.

One The loudest voice to send Shadrad’s method was former UFC bantamweight champion Miesha Tate.

Miesha Tate (Image Credit: Matt Roberts / Getty Images)

Rudd and Tate have been involved in multiple beef opportunities over the past few months. Rudd has her theory as to why Tate is joining her.

“I think she sees the world through the lens of her experience,” Rudd said. MMA fighting.. “That is, we are all. She had a very negative experience with past relationships and I think it was very public for a while. She has been with her coach for a very long time. And there was a lot he said, she said she would go there. And who knows? I don’t know. “

Tate talked about the weight she missed in her UFC Vegas 38 match with Rudd. She called Rudd a scammer and met her again after the incident at UFC Vegas 40. Tate quoted the situation as a coach as an important other person. So she talked about Rudd’s situation.

“She tends to comment when others are a little depressed, and I’m not a fan of that style of person,” Rudd explained. “She’s trying to get an opinion. It’s the world we live in, media, social media, all of which is like” take a closer look at me. ” She’s trying to do something to win it, and it’s perfectly fine as long as it backs up what they’re saying, especially when you’re the one who wants to fight. “

This growing hostility between Rudd and Tate is a great battle. Rudd has been pushing to set up a match with Tate since he returned from retirement. But Tate isn’t interested.she has She said she didn’t want to face Rudd in the Octagon Until Rudd proves he can control the problem of weight loss.

Want to see the battle between Aspen Ladd and Miesha Tate?

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Aspen Ladd chokes Miesha Tate’s criticism as “trying to get a view” Aspen Ladd chokes Miesha Tate’s criticism as “trying to get a view”

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