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While tilting the balance quest Assassin’s Creed: ValharaTo find King Burgred, you need to find the point where the Awry and Alne rivers meet. If you do this, you will need to kidnap him and bring him back to Tamworth. Then a new king can be crowned in his place. However, finding a place to find the old Crypt south of Ledecestrescire, where the two rivers meet, is a bit vague. So we will show you exactly where you need to go to find King Burgred.

Where the Awry and Alne rivers meet

As clues indicate, the Awry and Alne rivers meet south of Ledecestrescire in the southern region of Offchurch. As you can see on the map above, the river joins just southwest of the off-curch location, so you’ll have to sail to the meeting place and then jump out a little inland to find the crypt where King Burgred is hiding. There is. ..

Near Off-Church, there is an entrance to the crypto, but the door is clogged from the inside. Therefore, you should use the entrance within the off-church area. It’s worth noting that this is a restricted zone, so you need to be careful when sneaking around. Once in the area, the crypto entrance will be marked on the map.

Now that you’ve completed the Awry and Alne parts of the Tilting the Balance quest, all you have to do is find King Burgred and bring him back to Tamworth. Go through the entrance and go down the stairs in front of you. Eliminate the guards or sneak past and pass through the front entrance. (Note: In this room, there are cracks in the walls, which leads to Nornil’s ability to focus.)

Proceeding to the right in the corridor, Eivor will find that you must be close to finding King Burgred. Kill the guards and then go through the front entrance. Pillage the guards’ bodies and get the keys you need to unlock the doors.

If you can’t find the key, use Odin’s Sight to find it. Unlocking the door will require you to defeat King Burgred in hand-to-hand combat. Then you can tie him up and bring him back to Tamworth. This completes the “balance” quest.

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Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla Awry and Alne Rivers | Tilting the Balance

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