Assassin’s Creed Valhara Essex Traitor | Is Gerhild or Lork a traitor?

As Eivor continues to form an alliance around England Assassin’s Creed Valhara, They travel southeast and play matchmakers Essex.. But when their cunning plans come together, another traitor It threatens to destroy the entire plot.

Wolf Kisd seeks help from Dane’s captain, Lolo, to bring Ealdorman Birstan’s estranged wife, Estrid, back to his hometown of Francia. But after kicking him out of King Wessex’s nose, you returned to his camp and ruined it.

The survivors narrowed down the traitors to two. Gerhild, the sister of Lolo’s shield, and Roke, a loyal warrior who seems to have pledged to Lolo’s father.

Either Gerhild or Lork is a traitor to Essexe, but Eivor needs to collect evidence to identify who.

Assassin’s Creed Valhara – Is Gerhild or Lork a traitor to Essexe?

To find out who the traitor is, you must first talk to both Gerhild and Lork to understand their story.

When asked where Gerhild was during the Saxon attack, she would say she was hunting a rabbit.

The next time you ask Roke, he will say he was also hunting rabbits. But he also says he saw Gerhild talking to the Saxons, implying her guilt. When Iver remains skeptical of his story, he hints at loyalty to Lolo and his father, but slips him tired of his fighting life and his vows to Lolo’s family. I will.

With that testimony in mind, it’s time to search the camp.

Use Odin’s eyesight to explore the area. There is a game rack by the fire and a flat patch in the bush.

If you look at the game rack, you’ll see that there’s a lot of food left. Both Gerhild and Lork are lying about their whereabouts.

Now let’s look for the bushes. You can see that someone hid there during the attack.

Armed with some new facts, it’s time to talk to the accused again.

Tell Gerhild that she knows she’s lying and that Roke says she’s a traitor. She replies that she went on a romantic encounter with a local Saxon.

Then tell Roke that he knows he’s lying. He will tell you he was slack and slept in the woods when he was awakened by the attack. He says he hid in the bush – backing up the flat patch you found.

Then talk to Rollo to match the information. She was always a poor shooter, so he soon agreed that Gerhild was lying about hunting. He also questioned her story about meeting Saxons, saying she always looked down on them.

Lolo will be surprised when discussing the possibility of Roke’s betrayal. He agrees that Roke is fed up with the Viking’s life, but says he would have released him if he asked.

Based on the evidence you have gathered, the traitor to Essexe is Gerhild.

You know this because both warriors lied about their whereabouts, but you can only identify Roke.

Based on the camp search, you know he hid in the bush after rushing away for a nap. But the only way Gerhild was around the camp and wasn’t involved in the attack was if she was wary of the Saxons.

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Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Essexe Traitor | Is Gerhild or Lork the traitor?

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