Assassin’s Creed Valhara has a secret alien bow on a rocky mountain

Here, I thought that only the Borderlands game could get cool loot when hitting a block of soil or rock, but I found that Assassin’s Creed Valhalla also has something to hide in the rocky mountains. I did. During the weekend, Valhalla players were able to find a secret chair bow by repeatedly hitting a discreet rocky mountain. But this is definitely not the way you are supposed to find it.

In this video, YouTuber’s “Jor Raptor” explains how it all works (thanks, Kotaku). First, Eivor needs to travel north to Eurvicscire to find a special rocky mountain near the lake.

These types of rocks usually break when they hit them, dropping iron ore. But the strange thing about this is that it doesn’t break. Keep hitting, saving, reloading, and hitting again will eventually bring up the mythical bow, Norden’s arc, in your inventory.

It is the weapon that made the chair, an ancient civilization of Assassin’s Creed folklore before humans. It’s cool because they were basically gods and also a kind of alien. All bows are clean and shiny. This is a nice screenshot taken by Reddit user “inxcognito”.

Unfortunately, defeating rocks and finding this weapon seems like a bug, not a feature.

“This is a clever brute force hack, not the” right “way to get this bow,” said Valhalla’s narrative director. Derby McDavid tweeted.. “There is a” world “way to achieve that. But I think this works with Any% Speedrun. “

He adds that the legitimate way to get a bow “includes some steps that people haven’t seen yet trying”, but he says what those steps are. Does not say exactly. I’m glad to hear that there are still unsolved mysteries a few months after the game was released. That makes me want to go back and work as a detective (although I’ll want to grab it in a bow-shaking way before the patch is applied)).

Speaking of ancient civilization, Assassin’s Creed Valhara players have recently been able to translate fictitious Isa. What are the other strange and wonderful secrets that those divine aliens are hiding?

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Assassin’s Creed Valhalla players find ancient alien bow in rock pile

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