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ValhallaZealot mechanic introduces bosses from all over the world. One such Zealot is in Grantebridgescire — Eorforwine. This scorched fighter is one of the more aggressive enemies … and her flavor text has already raised some concerns about discrimination against persons with disabilities. Nevertheless, she can still fight and is not an easy victory! If you need help understanding how to defeat Eorforwine, this guide will help!

How to defeat Eorforwine AC Valhara

To defeat Eorforwine, reach level 90 and head to the center of the area northeast of the actual word “Grantebridgescire” on the map. Around that, Eorforwine is waiting for you so you can always fight her. You can then fight her like any other fanatic, but there are some unique mechanics that you can remember.

If possible, try Raven Skill Missile Reversal. This defensive skill allows the attacker to reflect the projectile in time just before pressing the left bumper. This is very important as Eorforwine throws a devastating javelin throw and throws it back at her as the fight can be in your favor.

To start the fight, ping her with a few arrows. This can lower her total stamina and make the fight a little easier. When she enters proximity, she begins to use what she can’t block. If you can dodge the time correctly, you can make a melee attack without doing too much damage.

However, it is much easier to back up and use missile reversal whenever you are ready. It does a lot of damage to her, knocks her down and gives you the opportunity to breathe. She also has a fairly long cooldown after swinging a weapon, so if you’re in danger, you can make 3-4 swings (depending on your weapon) before playing the defense again. I will.

A toxic bomb will do okay damage as long as the damage can really keep Eorforwine in place long enough to defeat her. You can throw toxic bombs just like throwing a spear back, but spears tend to be more dangerous.

Once she starts drinking, you can use arrows to lower your stamina, melee attacks to damage your race, and skills (such as summoning a dog) to defeat her. Before using Zealots, I hope you have some of these tools.

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Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla | How to Beat Eorforwine

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