Assassin’s Creed Valhara | How to dual wield heavy weapons

The traditional image of Viking culture is the dual wield Berserker, which is a large part of the pull-in. Assassin’s Creed: Valhara. Eivor can use two weapons early on, but what if you want to use two heavy weapons? After all, that seems like what the Vikings might do, but Eivor can’t do that right away. Thankfully, there’s a way you can take to get this great buff … but you’ll have to grind for it!

How to dual wield heavy weapons AC Valhalla

To make a heavy weapon dual wield, you need the “heavy dual wield” skill. To see if you have one, head left at the top of the “Melee” weapon tree. If you want to get there as soon as possible, you need to perform the “Adrenaline Upgrade” skill with a total of 22 skill points. When you reach the top of the tree on the left, you will encounter the “Heavy Dual Wheeled” skill. Unlocking that perk will allow you to use the game’s two-handed weapons with both hands!

Why do you want to dual wield? After all, heavy weapons are slow and consume a lot of stamina. Well, dual wielding these weapons almost negates how slow they are!With better attack speed, your damage will be absolute Insane! Make sure you have enough stamina to make the steel gust realistic.

You will also have access to the special abilities of heavy weapons.These abilities (activated with the L1 / LB / Q buttons) are absolutely Crush The same is true for groups of enemy and boss health bars.

During dual wield, your controls change a bit. The buttons are:

  • The main hand light (R1 / RB / left click) is a basic attack.
  • The main hand heavy (R2 / RB / Shift + left click) is a heavy swing, perfect for clearing crowds of enemies or astonishing stronger enemies.
  • The left hand block (tap L1 / LB / Q) is an off-hand parry. Timing is needed!
  • The left hand special (hold L1 / LB / Q) uses the special ability of the weapon expanded by the attack status of the main hand. This is where your damage can be ridiculous!

However, be careful about stamina. The use of two giant weapons determines how often you can swing. If the enemy strikes back, save enough to avoid it!

If you’re looking for great skills … Dual swap allows you to switch between main hand and off hand (you can use either special). If you hurry the dual wield, you will get high burst damage. Anything that has “adrenaline” in its name tends to be useful as well.

For more information AC Valhalla, Be sure to check the guide below.

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla | How to Dual Wield Heavy Weapons

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