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So I want to be your assassin Assassin’s Creed game?That’s a good thing Valhalla There are still options to be sneaky early on. Magister’s Armor Set is a long-range-focused set with a lot of melee damage at night. It’s also so fast that you can get it when you’re just starting the build. As long as you’re building the Raven Tree of Skills, you’ll find that the Magister set is the perfect early game option. But where is it?

Where to find Magister’s armor set AC Valhara

Magister’s armor sets are located in East Anglia and Oxenford Sia. Two in the lower level area and two in the upper level area. You must be close to power level 90 to enter these areas. So you can’t get everything until you get used to Oxfordscire. It is recommended to stay within the 15-20 level of the cap. ..

Magister cloak

  • Landing of snakes in East Anglia

The first piece of Magister’s armor set is on an island off the coast of East Anglia, where you can see the Mercury Temple. On the west side of the island is a camp with a chest and a key. The chest is behind a fragile wooden wall.

Magister’s mask

  • East of England Kingsbury

Head to the Aminesmere River next to the Central Bridge. To the right of where Kingsbury is on the map is the monastery. This time the chest should be pretty easy to find! This mask is quite durable and may be good to grab without a set bonus!

Magister’s Vambrace

  • Buckingham of Oxenefordscire

The town of Buckingham has a church key. If you’re looking for a key, head to the south wall of the church and look for a wooden bench with a key. You can shoot down the ladder in the entrance hall of the church. Climb it to find the chest that contains the Vambrace portion of Magister’s armor set.

Magister’s robe

  • Rear Villa Garrison in Oxenefordscire

Break through the broken rubble wall with an oil jar. To do this, you need to find a small building with wooden shelves on the roof. Move shelves, drop down, break doors, and put bottles away into the payload.

Magister trousers

  • Oxenfeforda of Oxenefordscire

Invade the town tower through a stained glass window. Stained glass windows can be shot through. Look up to find the fragile wooden floor, look through the gaps on the shelves, and shoot down the chandeliers in the process. Move the shelves until you have access to the chest that contains the last piece of Magister’s armor set.

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Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Magister’s Armor Set Locations

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