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Oh, you chose wisely!Of all late games Assassin’s Creed Valhara Set, this may be quite there! The Mentor Armor Set offers some of the best damage you can find … without the endgame stuff, that is. Therefore, it is well equipped to handle the last few areas! If you’re willing to grind for a pretty nice armor set, then keep reading!

How to get a mentor armor set

To get the complete set of Mentor Armor, we recommend at least level 220. That way, you won’t be punished so severely for your level. After all, I will go to Snotinghamscire. Half of the set is there and the other half is in Susthexe. This is a much safer place.

Mentor armor sets increase the attack on critical hits and greatly increase the attack speed. If you want to thin out your enemies with a dual wield critical hit set, this is your best option. Below you will find information on where to find the location of each armor piece.

Mentor robe

Head to the Church of Guildford, the Church of St. Luwina, and discover the first piece of mentor armor set. You can head to the top of the tower, shoot down construction materials and get inside. Shoot down the wooden floor, break the keys, move the shelves and get a stylish robe.

Mentor Vambrace

  • Anderitum’s hideout in Susthexe

There is a nearby elite enemy holding the key to the underground tunnel. After getting it, head underground. There is a rubble wall and there are some oil jars in the front room. Blow away the rubble and go down the tunnel until you find your chest.

Mentor mask

  • Sherwood Hideout of Snotinghamscire

This is nice and easy as there is only one hut in the hideout. Head to the hut and request a mask for the next piece of the mentor’s armor set.

Mentor cloak

  • Loch Clunbre Hideout from Snotinghamscire

There are several central huts locked by nearby elite enemies. Scan the central hut until you find a hut with big breasts to kill the elite and get the cloak.

Mentor pants

  • Wincestre Garrison of Snotinghamscire

Wincestre Garrison is tightly guarded, but has open windows that can be shot through. This window is opposite the forbidden door. Shoot it through to gain access and get a chest with these pants to complete your mentor’s armor set.

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Mentor’s Armor Set Locations

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