Assassin’s Creed: Valhara Predator Bow

Assassin’s Creed: Valhara There are many weapons with both melee and ranged weapons. You can’t find everything by spending the entire game searching. Thankfully, some of the best weapons in the game can be found quite early on. One of these weapons, the Predator Bow, uses the Predator Arrow to thin out enemies within range. Specifically, the backward bow is an early game weapon that deals high damage over long distances. If you’re looking for a weapon that can use predator arrows, there’s only one real place to check!

How to get Predator Bow

To get the Predator Bow, you must first raid the Harbic Shipyard in Ryjafilke. This is a large camp that needs to be stealthed to reduce the chance of swarming enemies. The Warband Chief alone will do a lot of damage! As you clear the area, the yellow arrow will move to the ladder and the bow to the back will move to the room waiting for you.

This raid can be done very early in the game, even before heading to England. You have to board a boat to get there. There is a yellow “wealth” symbol on the map. Head there before heading to the second half of the referral with King Harold and get this amazing weapon early on.

A bow that bends back will get a +8 bonus against attacks when it exceeds 90% health. This is huge. It puts it in a staggering 64 attacks without a single upgrade. This makes it easy to cover up basic enemies and roll the mid boss to the ground. This bow was made to defeat the big guys, so it’s also the easiest way to get started with the Predator arrows you’ve collected so far!

The back bow is one of two bows that you know for sure to be in the game. Both of these weapons have the advantage of being close to maximum health, making them ideal for starting a battle rather than ending it. The backward bow is a great stealth weapon, but its slow rate of fire makes it a good choice for picking up a few enemies running towards you before engaging a larger target.

Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla Predator Bow | How to Get

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