Assassin’s Creed Valhara

An ice-blond viking with a spring-loaded blade on one wrist, a long boat full of loyal beasts, and a pet crow called Sýnin who likes to keep low cruising altitudes like a feathered UAV. Meet Eivor. Now, meet England, which is made up of stones, bushes, hillsides, and chars and is caressed on a frosty fog and a bright yellow morning. It’s as if the yolk broke and bleeding all over the clouds. The year is 873 AD and the pair does not work. Their relationship is one of aggression and retaliation: just as Aber, who travels to Britain with the idea of ​​calming down, attacks a local camp, Britain counterattacks, raining, mud, and foreign pillars. Germanic accent. At first glance, Ivor rises from the riverbank wrapped in a soaked cloak, why bother? Struggle for the winner.

Again, Ivor did not arrive from a warm and peaceful country.First act of Assassin’s Creed Valhara Set in Norway, the night sky is aurora and restless, and many clans are plagued by a desire for conflict. This early sandbox, or rather ice box, is explosive. Participate in drinking, dice mini-games, combat bouts, or just sail while watching the tundra. And get this. You actually meet a few assassins! I took off my real ring finger in white and red and completely alienated the way I talked.At this point, the concept of the Order of Assassins Assassin’s Creed The game feels novel. For some time, ultra-white hoods have been abandoned in favor of outdated chic, and, as a tradition, most of what we tend to get is a diagonal nod to old rituals.

We soon meet King Harald with a surfboard at his feet, swaying under a creamy-haired waterfall, giving off a vaguely distracted atmosphere of someone who will be very happy in Southern California. He brings peace and ends the battle through a unified cooling balm. “It’s natural to be afraid of change,” he says in a room full of compatriots. “I resist it. But everything changes and everything is over.” Obviously, Harald wasn’t playing the last game, the Greek flavor. Assassin’s Creed OdysseyI can say a lot of that, but it’s certainly not over. According to, a leisurely playthrough of the main story and side missions can take just over 185 hours. Completionists can look forward to more than 355 hours, but I’m not sure everyone has actually seen the credits. For comparison, Homer felt that he needed to stretch to 10 hours 47 minutes for the Odyssey audiobook.

I left the Spartan hero of the adventure wrecked in an old archive somewhere in Peloponnese long ago. Therefore, it was a relief to see a map that Ivor felt remote-controlled after he fought off Harald’s draft ceasefire and landed in England in search of glory. Behold, the walls of Hadrian’s Wall in the north, the seas that hit the eastern and southern coasts, and the shimmering west, like cut crystals, as the simulated world disappears. The conspiracy is still driven by Animus: that rusty contradiction that people today plug themselves in to survive the memories of their ancestors cached in their own genetic code. It has always been a bizarre narrative framework, connecting historical epics with science fiction tensions.To Valhalla We chase after Leila Hassan, an engineer who sifts historical ethers in an attempt to save the planet, a miserable rock devastated by a failing magnetic field and ecological collapse of all kinds.

But the more pressing issue for Leila, like Desmond Miles, the protagonist of the first few entries, is not that the Earth will soon become history, but that history will shine far away and be more urgent. It means that it will be attractive again with. — Wipe them out. As soon as I sniffed around the Animus in desperation for my return trip, I returned to a gift without joy. Eivor’s struggle, on the other hand, involves another type of environmental destruction, Rome. The countryside is littered with statues of old gods, ironed in a brick strait, and in the city the amphitheater opens the courtroom like a broken crown. At some point, wandering around Shropshire (or rather Sciropescire), I encountered the wreckage of uriconium and had no choice but to smile at an unparalleled layer of history that this series could pull away-scattering into the kingdom’s kingdom. , Like ashes. Then’twas the Romans, now’ is me.

Sadly, that series of hours was the last pleasure offered, climbing the tower, clearing the map, and jumping over the field in a happy, hopeful loop. Why is this the case? Why are these games getting thicker and older these days before the story is complete? I can put my finger on for several reasons. The story flirt in a Python-like way, flying between conference halls that blow away many windy debates about conquest. To see the bright side of the Dark Ages, all you have to do is see one timid king screaming from the ramparts and blowing his nose in Scandinavia below, making it difficult to handle with real weight.

And then there’s combat, stupid animated stews (for example, a heavy ax blow hits an enemy like a pillow), and an unsatisfying visual style. While fighting, the camera is a little too far away, fearing to catch the sultry smell of the Viking’s breath, plunging into close-ups every time a horrifying killing animation is signaled, like a shameless documentary film.Compare God of War, Another Scandinavian story. The camera was nearby, ensuring that the bloody spray remained hot and fresh in memory. Here, due to the RPG streaks, the enemy leaks numbers as well as the red stream. I miss last year’s cleaner clash, where people like Altair and Connor chased the camera and beat the entire mob with a series of swashback ring movements and cuts.

The new game suffers from the fear of impact above all else. Due to the common bleeding effects that occur in many of the developer Ubisoft releases, not only are the mechanics mixed and homogenized throughout the series, but they also suffer from the presence of other games. Other than that, I don’t know why the map is gated to the Level Sensitive Zone along with your quest. The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt There was a similar approach — and it happened Also Be brilliant. Examining Leila’s laptop, I found a recording of a chat between Desmond and his colleague Lucy Stillman. He asks about the danger of his continued depression into the past: “If I do this too long, could it push my own memory aside? After a while, other than me “Will you be everyone?” “This is called an identity alternative,” Lucy said, diagnosing the overall state of the franchise in recent years.

Because of its honor, Ubisoft is aware of the disease and Assassin’s Creed Valhara He is enthusiastic about keeping the genetic memory of his ancestors alive.Therefore, the early established Ravensthorpe settlement is reminiscent of a hero. Assassin’s Creed II, Ezio who built the town of Monteriggioni in his spare time. Eivor is also equipped with a hood, which makes it suitable for blending into the monk’s procession as before. And the vast landscape is not mainly composed of deserts and the sea. Its three major cities, London, Winchester and York, are surrounded by greenery and intriguing distractions. It’s no wonder I spent a lot of time climbing those towers. I wanted a tourist attraction, but more than that, I wanted a temporary but familiar way. “I think people just want boundaries. Desmond talks about our lives, and in fact the” comfort rituals “of our games,” but it’s just going through movement. That’s it. “

Developer: Ubisoft Montreal

the publisher: Ubisoft

Available on: PlayStation 4 [reviewed on], Xbox One, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X / S, PC, Stadia, Luna

Release date: November 10, 2020

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