Assassin’s Creed Valhara Tungsten Ingot Location

Assassin’s Creed: Valhara There are lots of late game material for you to find. The most important one is the tungsten ingot. These are what you need to upgrade your weapons and armor to the final stage and are essential to performing endgame missions. Therefore, if you have trouble scanning the endgame area to find these rare resources, we will help you take you to them!

Location of Tungsten Ingot AC Valhara

To get the Tungsten Ingot, you need to head to a higher level area. The ingot is marked as wealth, so check the gold marker on the compass. Areas with tungsten ingots are level 190 and above, so find the ingot symbol in those areas. Finding these ingots wasn’t too difficult and the developers didn’t hide them more carefully than any other ingot.

Unfortunately, if you want to upgrade all your favorite weapons and armor, the Wealth Map alone is not enough. You will need more, and it’s ok! Unlock the Hunter’s Hat in the settlement. There you can exchange hunting resources for tungsten. Talk to Wallace and Petra to see which resources you can exchange and make sure you hunt in general to ensure you have the resources you need. Vipers are especially important and are relatively rare because they are underground. We love how often hunters exchange tungsten for them!

In addition, you can exchange fish for this rare material. You need a fishing hut here and it basically works like a hunter hut. Get good quality fish and feel free to exchange for high level ingots. Fishing requires a little more commitment, and after all, you can’t shoot an arrow into the ocean when you’re on your next quest.

Once you have Tungsten, you are free to get one full armor set and weapons to mythical level, making it easy to cultivate dungeons and high level areas.

Please read the Valhalla guide a little more before you go!

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