Assassin’s Creed Valhara’s Yuletide event continues to show the potential for reconciliation •

If you’re unloading your Christmas decorations this week, you’re not alone. Assassin’s Creed Valhara will do the same on Thursday, January 7, when the festive Uletide event ends.

If you haven’t done so already, you’ll still need to stop by for a few days. There are also some things worth seeing. However, while Valhalla’s settlement area has long been considered one of its most promising features, its potential has never been fully realized in base games and is the focus of this seasonal update. Despite this, the same can be said here at Uletide.

If you haven’t checked in yet, two short quest lines are waiting for you. The Lost Ale case is a frank mission to ask you to raid a thief camp for a missing barrel of beer. It features a new character Ake, a new apprentice for your regular brewer, and it seems buggy for many. (Don’t go to Sciropescire to complete the quest as instructed. Ake is actually just standing near the bandit camp.)

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Meanwhile, the cow catcher is another quick quest to introduce you to the farmer Vertham, who cares for the village ranch. If you read through all the notes in the various buildings of the village, you’ll probably hear about his love affair with Vertham and other local villagers. This is explained in detail in the mission dialogue. It’s a bit buggy, but it’s the better original of the two missions. Playing both also reminded me of the much more elaborate Greek Lost Tales that Assassin’s Creed Odyssey regularly offers for free. Even when taken together, these missions aren’t really approaching.

However, there are still more updates. Apart from sprinkling Ravens Soap on the snow and stringing the rustic decor, a new section of the town is now available where villagers can get together and have a party. It reminds us of the old Destiny Tower, which opened a special wing of social space when the Iron Banner event was held. Here you can find three mini-games that you can play repeatedly for high scores and rewards. The best (and easiest to grind) of the three is the range of the target shooting archery. There are also types of drinking competitions and fight clubs that can be found elsewhere in the world of Valhalla.

Complete two Yuletide quests and quickly perform each of the new campsite activities to earn pocket-filled event tokens that can be redeemed by the new event merchant. In exchange, you’ll get a new armor set and some payment decorations. Unfortunately, Gear is a recolored version of the existing armor set (Huntsman)-this is really disappointing when much more elaborate and creative designs are sent to Valhalla’s luxury cosmetics stores every few weeks. is.

Finally, you can unlock three new skills in the Constellation Ability Tree. You can use them to slip into and defeat enemies, automatically gain ability bars at the start of battle, and automatically carry your body after assassination. I had limited time to try them out, but none of these are game changers with grand plans for things. In another common bug, these three seem to appear and disappear randomly in the skill tree.


I think Yuletide’s core gameplay (which provides a series of repeatable activities that you can immerse for a few minutes when visiting your place of residence during normal gameplay) is healthy. I’m now at the point of loading the game to perform daily missions, seeing where in the vast world of the game, and heading for the mop from there for hundreds of hours of Valhalla saves. It happens to upload other remaining treasures and secondary activities nearby. Sometimes playing archery games and scraping together enough tokens to unlock all event items feels like a grind when starting or ending my time in Valhalla in the settlement I can’t. That part feels balanced, and the idea of ​​advancing Ravens Soap in time, decorated to reflect the actual season, is new to Assassin’s Creed. But it’s a shame that the update didn’t provide any more here-a unique interaction with the core character of the reconciliation or your partner. It’s something, but it feels like a small step.

Valhalla’s next free update is scheduled for February, adding three repeatable River Raid maps, an upgrade to the available Jomsviking system, and new features. Hopefully, a little more time after the release, it will be released with fewer bugs (Ubisoft is busy making many fixes in the base game as well as add-ons). Still, we hope that over time the reconciliation will continue to grow and reach the possibilities that many players really want.

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