Assassin’s Creed’s best NPC, RIP to a real NPC

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In a huge game full of quests and characters, it’s hard to stand out even for a moment. Ubisoft is about to build a career. The scenery dotted with activities will seduce you into the haze of a dreamlike adventure.You know it when you come something It happened, but you’ll have a hard time choosing the details. Assassin’s Creed Valhara Includes at least one exception: a man with an ax on his head.

Illustration of an article titled RIP To iAssassins Creed / is Best NPC, A Real One

Guy With An Ax In His Head, which the game practically calls “Axehead,” was an early gameside quest NPC in the Grantebridgescire region of the United Kingdom. He was sitting on a stump when I met him. There was an ax on his head. If you see someone sitting on a stump with an ax sticking out of their head, you talk to them. So I talked to him.

“Sorry, I have a little pain. Did you notice anything in my head? It’s just an indelible itch or cut,” he said.

Eivor was more agile than ever and danced around the elephants in the room. “It’s … like a scar of battle,” she replied.

“Oh, as I thought. It must be from my recent fight. You should meet others. He’s in the worst of situations,” he said. Apparently, Axhead, who had an ax in his head, answered without a sarcastic voice.

That’s when I knew: this guy and I were going to be best friends-even if he had minutes or seconds left.

In the end, I told Axehead that he had an ax on his head. He didn’t even hit his eyelashes because he’s the most true motherfucker ever to walk this planet.

“Oh, Valhalla, yes,” he said when I said I would pull the ax, but it would definitely kill him. “Thank you for your candid response. Now I am preparing for the sight and sound of the corpse hall.”

Then a prompt appeared next to him. “Please remove the ax,” it read. But he continued to chat with his soothing, resigned rhythm. He told me there was a mead hall nearby, and we could go there, be blown up, and weave the daily story of our glory. We didn’t go to the Mead Hall — we didn’t move from that place — but he started the story in exactly the same way. While he was speaking, his speeches and thoughts seemed fragmented.

“On this fierce battle day, I was inside the shield wall … and my wife went into the shield wall … nude … and started singing,” he said. .. “O … we were very young … very agile in our hearts and ways.”

Strange story! And maybe it didn’t happen again? But it was the perfect way for Axehead, an unwavering ordinary ass man, who temporarily became a very interested person because he had an ax in his head. Most of us are probably “Wha—[sound of getting crushed by a car/boulder/piano]Or something deeply embarrassing before we die. Axehead was real until the end, but did the latter And I managed to throw it at an unexpected depth.

Illustration of an article titled RIP To iAssassins Creed / is Best NPC, A Real One

screenshot: Ubisoft / Kotaku

Both he and I knew at that moment that nothing would be any better. I tore the ax from his head.

“All your enemies have been killed,” Eivor said. “Now you are pleased.”

For a brief moment, the ax, which had no ax in his head, stared at the ax that, while I knew it, formed his entire identity and a significant portion of his head. Then he fell.

And that was it. That concludes the story of Axehead. His story wasn’t old-fashioned. It was a refreshing average. The story that someone like me would probably die if I suddenly rushed into the era of Vikings and wolves attacking you in front of you for no reason.Side quest was an effective example Assassin’s Creed Streamlined the approach to adventure. If you see a small greenish dot on your overhead compass, you can be sure you’re looking for something a little more interesting, but Axehead was just a man and his extraordinary presence. Unlike everyone else I’ve met in these games, I actually remember him. He sticks out my memory as if he put an ax on the gray matter. Really RIP.

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